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The Festival Auawirleben presents theatre, dance, performance art and participatory projects which directly relate to social life in the world of today. The programme of this year’s edition will be published on 28 March.

Schlachthaus Theater BernBern,

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Girl from the Fog Machine Factory

by Thom Luz

Thom Luz’s new musical theatre production deals with storytelling and the most fleeting, elusive aspects of being human. If something changes constantly, how can we hold onto it?

Gessnerallee ZurichZurich, Switzerland

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Remote Moscow

A horde of people swarms out into the city, directed by a synthetic voice in headphones while observing each other. Each city-specific version of this production is a new creation, building on the dramatic structure of its predecessor and writing more storylines for new sites.

City of MoscowMoscow, Russia


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