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Universal Exhibition

by Martin Schick

Martin Schick has travelled the world as part of the thematic residency series RADICAL LIVING I-X. He has transformed the impressions he has gathered along the way into a series of functional sculptures and spread them across the pre-Alpine landscape of Schwarzsee.

SchwarzseePlaffein, Switzerland

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34th Edition of Belluard Festival

This year, artistic projects of all genres are situated in various places all over town. Artists include Massimo Furlan (Lausanne), Philippe Quesne (Paris), Machina eX (Berlin/Basel), Compagnie O (Marrakesh), Mercimax (Zurich), Martin Schick (Fribourg) and Temporary Distortion (New York).

Belluard Bollwerk InternationalFribourg, Switzerland

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by Massimo Furlan

Like tourists in their own lives, spectators go on a bus trip through the night. In seemingly familiar, ordinary places, distantly visible in the light cone of a spotlight, scenes emerge from the dark, forming a world of disturbing beauty.

Belluard Bollwerk InternationalFribourg, Switzerland


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