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«Jungspund» – Festival for Youngsters

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Radical Hope No 2 / Fragility

by Fleischlin/Meser

A participatory project with young performers. A place where strangely dishevelled individuals live. The characters cannot be classified as men or women, young or old, from here or elsewhere. In this way they defy categorisation and over-ride our system of order.

Südpol LucerneLucerne, Switzerland

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jungspund festival

The first appearance of this new theatre festival for young audiences is devoted to the Swiss theatre scene. With two premieres, two co-productions and eight current productions, «jungspund» offers a cross-section of the artistic diversity of the theatre scene in Switzerland.

LokremiseSt. Gallen, Switzerland

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Cargo Congo–Lausanne

by Rimini Protokoll

Stefan Kaegi has transformed a truck into a theatre – the seating installed in the trailer of a heavy goods vehicle takes 50 spectators on a journey to places of transit and trade. The drivers tell their stories of life on the road, and the theatre sets off to engage in everyday aspects of globalisation.

Théâtre de VidyLausanne, Switzerland


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