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Passion simple

by Compagnie Emilie Charriot

A woman tells how for a year she organised her personal and professional life around a passionate love affair. Emilie Charriot stages this autobiographical fiction by Annie Ernaux by bringing together the games and rules of love, and the theatre’s techniques of hide-and-seek.

Théâtre de VidyLausanne, Switzerland

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Offshore – Swiss showcase in Berlin

A Berlin audience gets to look at Swiss productions, with a choice of various shows and aesthetic positions from different regions of Switzerland. With Emilie Charriot, Géraldine Chollet, Julia Perazzini, Nora Gomringer, Denise Wintsch, Laura de Weck, Mats Staub, Anna Papst and others.

TheaterdiscounterBerlin, Germany

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Les Rencontres à l’échelle

The 12th edition of this international multidisciplinary festival in Marseille sets a focus on pluralistic cultures and questions of migration. In this context, two Swiss productions will be presented: «Still in Paradise» by Cie Yan Duyvendak and «Hospitalités» by Massimo Furlan.

City of MarseilleMarseille, France

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Sweet Dreamz

by Brico Jardin

A musical show about happiness and broken dreams. Who is the happiest? Those who have achieved all their dreams? Those who never dream for fear of seeing that they don’t come true? Those who endlessly pursue their dreams that never come true? Does life take charge of closing the box of dreams?

Am Stram Gram le ThéâtreGeneva, Switzerland

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by Phil Hayes

The project attempts to deal with questions such as «How do people who are given no responsibility make decisions?» and «If so much work is about organising work, is the real work done else-where by other people?» and «Is it possible to do something good inside something that is broken?»

Gessnerallee ZurichZurich, Switzerland

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Don’t Feed the Troll

by junges theater basel

A piece in the classroom. Hate comments on the internet provided the impetus for this production. In numerous interviews with young people, the question of how we want to deal with each other, on the internet and in the real world, was investigated.

junges theater baselBasel, Switzerland