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by Dimitri de Perrot

A visual and tonal intervention in the entrance hall of the 104 venue in Paris, inspired by impressions of the neighbourhood. The result is a playful, curious and new look at the everyday happenings including the space and its embedded architectural and human elements.

Le Centquatre (104)Paris, France

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by Ballett Zürich

In a mixture of large-scale ensemble scenes and intimate solos, Christian Spuck embarks on a journey inside the human being. Exploring such timeless themes as love, longing and abandonment, he uses the medium of dance to offer a new perspective on one of the great masterpieces of classical music.

Opernhaus ZürichZürich, Switzerland

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by Asphalt Piloten

A site-specific performance that plays with the individual time frames during a visit to a museum. The abstract sequences of minimal movement form a non-linear proposition that is fragmented between the other artworks in the museum and offers each visitor a unique experience.

Garage Museum of Contemporary ArtMoscow, Russia

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Under the Influence 3

by Phil Hayes

A series of works in collaboration with the Spanish performer and artist Maria Jerez and with the Zurich musician Sarah Palin, reflecting on Phil Hayes’ history of collaborative creation with regard to the idea of influence.

Gessnerallee ZurichZurich, Switzerland

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Is it worth to save us?

by Compagnie Kaori Ito

Kaori Ito explores her relationship with Miraï Moriyama - a kind of inverted reflection of herself. They share a feeling of being like extra-terrestrials, observing the world in which they evolve. Switching from an intimate relation to one of cold detachment, they make fun of themselves and of us.

Kanagawa Arts CenterKanagawa, Japan

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Politik im freien Theater

The festival presents an overview on current theatre aesthetics and reflects the state of politics and society. The 2018 edition includes works by Corinne Maier, Jessica Huber, Thom Truong, Rimini Protokoll, Annalyzer/Covic/de Rooij/Jina/Mdluli/Schupp and others.

Münchner KammerspieleMunich, Germany