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Die Zufügung / Über das Altern und den Tod hinaus

by Corinne Maier

Today, people are living longer than ever before – but what impact does this have on us, as well as on younger generations? A stage play about age has been written by german author Gerlind Reinshagen, the most famous female playwright in West Germany during the 1970s and 80s. The author suddenly died in June 2019 before the actual start of rehearsals. What remains are scraps of conversations, thoughts and some rough notes. This material and the team’s own improvisation practices have resulted in this production.

Kaserne BaselBasel, Switzerland



by Compagnie Linga

Singing and dancing use the body's internal channels to express themselves. In collaboration with the Association Vocale de Suisse Romande, Linga embarks on a journey through an aurally eventful landscape. From a contrast of energy and physicality emerges, through the infiltration of opposing artistic ideas, a mixture of genres.

L’Octogone, PullyPully, Switzerland


jungspund Festival

In its second edition, this theatre festival for young audiences once again presents a cross-section of the artistic diversity in Swiss theatre, presenting 11 productions for young audiences.

LokremiseSt. Gallen, Switzerland



by T42dance

Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake as a metaphor of obsessing with the unattainable ideal towards which dancers strive. Four dancers relate to themselves, others and their art. A self-critical and humorous reflection, in Dadaist dress, on being a dance artist.

Theater Orchester Biel SolothurnBiel, Switzerland


24 Bilder pro Sekunde

by Boris Nikitin

Making films means watching people die in 24 frames per second according to French director Jean Cocteau's now-famous observation. This new evening by Boris Nikitin, which blends music theatre, dance and video art, appropriates this assertion and directs its gaze to integrating our bodies into time.

Kaserne BaselBasel, Switzerland


Game Theory

by Joshua Monten

Gaming pervades and interconnects many of Joshua Monten’s previous works. In «Game Theory», he looks more deeply at some of the building blocks of gaming and spectating: structure and freedom, mimesis, empathy, adrenaline and flow. An aesthetically rigorous composition that creates space for pleasure.

DampfzentraleBern, Switzerland