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by T42dance

Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake as a metaphor of obsessing with the unattainable ideal towards which dancers strive. Four dancers relate to themselves, others and their art. A self-critical and humorous reflection, in Dadaist dress, on being a dance artist.

Theater Orchester Biel SolothurnBiel, Switzerland


Festival Momix

Momix is a major annual festival for young audiences in France. The 2020 edition will present outstanding performances by various Swiss companies: Théâtre l’Articule, Théâtre des Marionnettes, Pan! (La Compagnie), Cie Circoncentrique, Dorian Rossel / Cie STT, Perrine Valli / Cie Sam Hester, Cie Moost and Cie E1nz.

Créa KingersheimKingersheim, France


No Paraderan

by Marco Berrettini

Sixteen years after its creation in 2004, Berrettini returns to this production, which is loosely based on the famed ballet «Parade» by the Ballets Russes with music by Erik Satie. He now turns its argument around, staging the performance at a gala reception seen from backstage.

Théâte Nanterre-AmandiersNanterre, France


Festival Antigel

More than just a festival of sound, movement and performance, Antigel acts as an artistic invasion for the whole Geneva region. It blurs the boundaries between art forms and opens up new artistic horizons.

City of GenevaGeneva, Switzerland


Je vous ai préparé un petit biotruc au four

by Cie Marielle Pinsard

Under the eye of a real-time electricity meter, Yvonne reconnects with her eco-conscious friends. Meanwhile, Yvonne’s gilet jaune lover, is gathering dust in the closet. Pinsard highlights the contradictions of our time in this eco-connected and autobiographical comedy.

Théâtre de VidyLausanne, Switzerland


The rest is silence

by Compagnie Nicole Seiler

Swiss folk music, reinterpreted in a contemporary way, will be the starting point for this choreographic creation with songs from the repertoire and new compositions as well as improvised music.

ArsenicLausanne, Switzerland