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Swiss Dance Days

The 10th edition of this promotion platform takes place in Lausanne and presents a selection of productions to international professionals as well as to a large audience. The programme includes 15 Swiss performances from different regions of the country, which have been created over the past two seasons.

City of LausanneLausanne, Switzerland



by Cie Philippe Saire

This dance piece reinterprets the myth of the eponymous Greek, the the hunter turned into a stag by the goddess Artemis then torn apart by hounds. It unfolds in the fascinating and controversial world of hunting, allegorically addressing our relationship with the wild, a «utopia of nature».

Théâtre Sévelin 36Lausanne, Switzerland


Eromania (History X)

by Think Tank Theatre

No profession can match that of camgirl in discussing globalization 2.0, both in terms of the circulation of money it implies and the technical devices it invents. For a country like Romania, still struggling in the post-Ceauşescu years, this flourishing and highly structured business is a bargain.

Théâtre Saint-GervaisGeneva, Switzerland


The Wide West Show

by Gregory Stauffer

Dealing with humour and the topic of liquid life, The Wide West Show is a choreographic stream of change, comedy and conquest. A parade of failed progress. A glide on capitalistic ruins encapsulated in ridiculous bodies.

ArsenicLausanne, Switzerland



by Ruedi Häusermann

A String Quartet and actors join to explore the mysterious connections between music and space, and conduct various experiments. How does a cloud traverse the skies? How can we make people disappear? How do we capture an echo? It’s about the discoveries that can be made when there is no objective.

Schauspielhaus, SchiffbauZürich, Switzerland


Les Italiens

by Massimo Furlan

Accompanied by two dancers and a musician, Massimo Furlan invites Italian immigrants living in Lausanne to share their memories and dreams: of their native Italy that they left behind fifty years ago and of modern-day Switzerland that they helped build.

Théâtre de VidyLausanne, Switzerland