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Man in the Holocene

by Theater Basel

Resident director Thom Luz sets off in the company of Max Frisch in search of humanity’s great enigmas. He directs Max Frisch's apparently simple story as a «chamber symphony on uncertain ground» for four actors and two musicians, with music from Beethoven to Bartók’s almost inaudible «Microcosms» for piano.

Theater BaselBasel, Switzerland


FIT Festival Internazionale del Teatro 2018

The «Festival Internazionale del Teatro e della scena contemporanea» is an artistic repository that dedicates space to every form of live performance: shows, urban projects, workshops, meetings and many other hybrid activities capable of projecting visions of change.

City of LuganoLugano, Switzerland


Billy de Kid

by theater katerland / bravebühne

A piece about strong men and strong women, about fragile role models and family structures in which everything is almost as it is in a classic western: the dialogue is sharp and funny and everyone gets what they deserve...

Theater am GleisWinterthur, Switzerland


Yeah Yeah Yeah!

This year’s edition of the small, but appealing international dance festival «Yeah Yeah Yeah!» deals with hallucinating reality and with the sensual dimension of fake and fact. Featuring Cie Philippe Saire, Compagnie Nicole Seiler, Tabea Martin and many others.

Fabriktheater Rote FabrikZurich, Switzerland


Gaia Gaudi

by Gardi Hutter

A physical, musical, symbolic, tragic-comic play about the generation gap. What can be done when young people demand to take over, but their elders don’t want to retire? Gardi Hutter looks for answers together with her daughter, her son and her daughter-in-law.

Theater am HechtplatzZürich, Switzerland


Blood Kiss


For this vampire drama, KNPV and the Dutch Danstheater AYA combine bold interactive dance theatre with human-sized puppets. Inspired by the Swedish film «Let the Right One in», they blend entrenched role models with plenty of black humour, melancholy, and a tender love story.

DampfzentraleBern, Switzerland