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by Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève

Supported majestically by Mozart’s Mass in C minor, the choreographer Abou Lagraa develops a dance portrayed with fluidity, abandon, virtuosity and harmony. A shared dance offering a spiritual journey, where the dancers' bodies become music, borne on the wings of Mozart's work.

Grand Théâtre de GenèveGeneva, Switzerland



by Alias Compagnie

An invitation to cast a metaphysical look at the act of falling. What does it mean to fall? Is it to die or to let go? Is it to fall in love? The production presents bodies leaning in the direction of the wind, like leaves of grass in a storm, or individuals caught up in the cyclical motion of life.

Forum MeyrinMeyrin, Geneva, Switzerland


Funérailles d’hiver

by Cie du Passage

What happens when a family wedding and funeral are about to take place? Simultaneously. When the celebration of a life-long commitment must be delayed by an unforeseen event: the death of a loved one.

Théâtre du PassageNeuchâtel, Switzerland


Chakra Gang Bang

by Gregory Stauffer

A durational performative installation created to occupy the seven nuclear shelters of Arsenic theatre. It stages seven contemporary situations imagined according to the ancestral system of the seven chakras, specific energy centres situated along the spine.

ArsenicLausanne, Switzerland



by PENG! Palast

PENG! Palast questions the duty of working and its positive image, examines deeply the ideas of unemployment, laziness and idleness and looks towards Greece to find meaning in life without (paid) work.

Schlachthaus Theater BernBern, Switzerland


DANSONgS – Refuge

by Neopost Foofwa

Consider the body first and foremost as a sound-producing tool, movement as musicality and these DANSONgS as protest songs. Hope through rhythm. Songs and a film: Refuge.

ADC-GenèveGeneva, Switzerland