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Sweatshop – Deadly Fashion

by junges theater basel

Based on themes in the Norwegian web series of the same name and together with junges theater basel and the ensemble of the Schauspielhaus Zürich, Sebastian Nübling has developed a play about the world in front of as well as behind the dazzling catwalk of fashion.

junges theater baselBasel, Switzerland


Chro no lo gi cal

by Cie Yasmine Hugonnet 

Yasmine Hugonnet’s dance is characterised by a serene and sensitive care paid to movement; what does it evoke for oneself and for others? Chro no lo gi cal is an invitation to go on an inner journey, playing with time and its perception.

Théâtre de VidyLausanne, Switzerland


Fright Fight Flight

by T42dance

Starting with the «fight-flight response» – the response of living beings to dangerous situations – this international co-production addresses the geopolitical crisis of refugees.

KünstlerforumBonn, Germany



by junges theater basel

Millions of young people share a sense of overload. Many conceal feelings like insecurity, fear and sadness – sometimes even from themselves. SADSPACE invites the audience to respond to a complete range of emotions and not to store up sadness for lonely moments.

junges theater baselBasel, Switzerland


Politik im freien Theater

The festival presents an overview on current theatre aesthetics and reflects the state of politics and society. The 2018 edition includes works by Corinne Maier, Jessica Huber, Thom Truong, Rimini Protokoll, Annalyzer/Covic/de Rooij/Jina/Mdluli/Schupp and others.

Münchner KammerspieleMunich, Germany


Is it worth to save us?

by Compagnie Kaori Ito

Kaori Ito explores her relationship with Miraï Moriyama - a kind of inverted reflection of herself. They share a feeling of being like extra-terrestrials, observing the world in which they evolve. Switching from an intimate relation to one of cold detachment, they make fun of themselves and of us.

Kanagawa Arts CenterKanagawa, Japan