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Nur Tote singen schöner

by Vorstadttheater Basel

A man and a woman play all the parts that a good detective drama needs and tell a dark and gritty story in the style of film noir. And when the plot gathers pace and the tension increases, feelings grow and we hear singing. A mystery pocket musical about destroyed dreams, lost hopes and cold coffee.

VorstadttheaterBasel, Switzerland


Maintaining Stranger

by Simone Aughterlony

An artificially cultivated, stony desert becomes a cruising zone for foreign encounters. This is where a number of supporting actors meet, who are yet iconic in their own way. In this artificial wasteland, they face their insignificance and sketch out intimacies that do not claim to be intimate.

Gessnerallee ZurichZurich, Switzerland


Swiss Dance Days

The 10th edition of this promotion platform takes place in Lausanne and presents a selection of productions to international professionals as well as to a large audience. The programme includes 15 Swiss performances from different regions of the country, which have been created over the past two seasons.

City of LausanneLausanne, Switzerland



by Cie Philippe Saire

This dance piece reinterprets the myth of the eponymous Greek, the the hunter turned into a stag by the goddess Artemis then torn apart by hounds. It unfolds in the fascinating and controversial world of hunting, allegorically addressing our relationship with the wild, a «utopia of nature».

Théâtre Sévelin 36Lausanne, Switzerland


Eromania (History X)

by Think Tank Theatre

No profession can match that of camgirl in discussing globalization 2.0, both in terms of the circulation of money it implies and the technical devices it invents. For a country like Romania, still struggling in the post-Ceauşescu years, this flourishing and highly structured business is a bargain.

Théâtre Saint-GervaisGeneva, Switzerland


Festival Antigel

More than just a festival of sound, movement and performance, Antigel acts as an artistic invasion for the whole Geneva region. It blurs the boundaries between art forms, and opens up new artistic horizons. This year including performances by Think Tank Theatre, Cie Philippe Saire and many others.

Festival AntigelGeneva, Switzerland