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Blickfelder 2019

In June, Festival Blickfelder will turn Zürich into a cultural city for young audience. The festival presents a carefully chosen international programme of theatre, dance, music, art, film and literature, geared towards schools, families and other interested audiences.

City of ZurichZürich, Switzerland


Impulse Theater Festival 2019

The leading platform for independent theatre in the German-speaking countries. This year, the festival features among others «EF-Femininity» by Marcel Schwald & Chris Leuenberger and a city project by Antje Schupp.

FFT KammerspieleDüsseldorf, Germany


Death and Birth in My Life

by Mats Staub

Mats Staub’s new long-term project questions existential experiences. Which deaths or births have shaped and transformed my life so far? Who have I welcomed, to whom have I said goodbye? What have I become?

Kaserne BaselBasel, Switzerland


Le festin du béton II

by Compagnie Yann Marussich

After the glass cycle, Yann Marussich began a new cycle of work centred on cement, again searching for the limits of his body. A man in a glass casing, cement churning in a mixer, then the cement begins to flow. The man still has one chance of escaping: he holds two hammers in his hands…

ArsenicLausanne, Switzerland



The Festival for Contemporary Circus Art presents new, independent and innovative productions in addition to some well-known pieces that have shaped circuses all over the world. Featuring several Swiss companies, like Cie Philippe Saire, and others.

Alte ReithalleAarau, Switzerland


Sorry, do the tour. Again!

by Marco Berrettini

Who has not dreamed one day of becoming a king or queen for an evening, dressing up in the bright clothes of a musical, or even dancing like Travolta in «Saturday Night Fever»? Marco Berrettini realized his dream and created this glamorous, self-deprecatory disco contest.

ArsenicLausanne, Switzerland