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BONE Performance Art Festival

Performance Art is live, fast and surprising. But BONE claims that it must become even more up-to-date than it already is. That‘s why this year‘s festival edition functions like a daily newspaper, with editorial meetings in which the daily programme is decided.

Schlachthaus Theater BernBern, Switzerland


Angels in America

by Cie Philippe Saire

Philippe Saire creates a choreographic treatment of Tony Kushner's play. The award-winning work speaks of the impact of the arrival of AIDS on society, but also in the broader sense of the individual struggling in the midst of the turmoil of superior forces, religious conviction, politics, and the arrival of a plague.

ArsenicLausanne, Switzerland


Nous trois

by Eugénie Rebetez

Joined by the musician Pascal Lopinat and the actor Victor Poltier, Eugenie Rebetez creates this piece about family. Through the figures of father, mother and child, she explores the relationship dynamics from three people linked for better, for worse. Vivid, sharp and full of humour.

La Grange de DorignyLausanne, Switzerland


Tanzfestival Winterthur

Tanzfestival Winterthur brightens up the dreary month of November with its programme of contemporary dance from international and Swiss artists. This year, junges theater basel, Claire Dessimoz, Cie. Synergie, Sabine Hausherr and other artists can be seen.

Theater am GleisWinterthur, Switzerland


The New Gospel: The First Mission

What would Jesus preach in the 21st century? And how would today’s supporters of secular and spiritual power respond to the return of the most influential prophet and revolutionary in history? The artistic Jesus and his apostles will arrive from the sea and cross the city towards a great multimedia finale.

Transeuropa 2019Palermo, Italy


Fearful Symmetries

by Cie Ioannis Mandafounis

In this commission for the Geneva Ballet as part of the format «Minimal Maximal», Mandafounis searches for a dialogue between the individual and the collective; how to rediscover intimacy within a group. He achieves this by modelling his dance on additions and subtractions in counterpoint to John Adams’ music.

Grand Théâtre de GenèveGeneva, Switzerland