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Les Urbaines

United in their desire to take risks and explore emerging aesthetics, the artists involved in the various performances, works of art, concerts, dj sets and workshops have committed themselves to three days at several festival venues in and around Lausanne, embodying a dedicated, open, contemporary festive culture.

City of LausanneLausanne, Switzerland


BONE Performance Art Festival

Performance Art is live, fast and surprising. But BONE claims that it must become even more up-to-date than it already is. That‘s why this year‘s festival edition functions like a daily newspaper, with editorial meetings in which the daily programme is decided.

Schlachthaus Theater BernBern, Switzerland


Zirka Zirkus

A focus on contemporary circus that provides a panorama of current performances at the intersection of circus, theatre, dance, performance art, music, visual arts and media design. The programme presents works by established artists as well as by up-and-coming companies.

Kaserne BaselBasel, Switzerland


Angels in America

by Cie Philippe Saire

Philippe Saire creates a choreographic treatment of Tony Kushner's play. The award-winning work speaks of the impact of the arrival of AIDS on society, but also in the broader sense of the individual struggling in the midst of the turmoil of superior forces, religious conviction, politics, and the arrival of a plague.

ArsenicLausanne, Switzerland