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CANCELLED- What is Human

by Fleischlin/Meser

The performance is both a space for thinking and a feast. The audience first participates as spectators and then sits down at the large family table during the evening, invited to celebrate and reflect on their own family reality and their relationship with the global family.

Kaserne BaselBasel, Switzerland


CANCELLED – Outrage au public

by Compagnie Emilie Charriot

For Émilie Charriot, the theatre holds the possibility of an intense relationship, as fragile as it is strong. By staging Peter Handke’s landmark text she explores what happens to the presence of the actor once false expectations have been swept aside.

Théâtre de VidyLausanne, Switzerland


Book is a book is a book

by Trickster-p

A performance in which each spectator, equipped with earphones, is invited to travel through the pages of a book, discovering an imaginary and imaginative world. An apparently simple book transforms into an object that creates connections between time and space, dream and memory.

LAC Cultural CentreLugano, Switzerland


Sur L’île de Darsheen

by Compagnie 7273

The Island of Darsheen is an intercultural place where artists meet to share their knowledge of life. The production is dedicated to all those whom the choreographers have met around the world and who have taught them what resistance means, how exchange leads to development and how sharing can change lives.

Château RougeAnnemasse, France


If only

by ZOO / Thomas Hauert

We are aware that our lifestyles are not sustainable and that our culture is harming the planet. We may assume that as a culture we have taken the wrong way, without realising the consequences of our choices. This observation marks the starting point of this project's choreographic and dramaturgic quest.

Théâtre Les TanneursBrussels, Belgium


CANCELLED – Les Printemps de Sévelin

This festival introduces the public to the demanding, innovative and sensitive work of emerging and established artists from Switzerland and abroad. This year's edition includes works by Swiss artists Géraldine Chollet, Sarah Bucher & Victor Poltier, Mélissa Guex and Joachim Ciocca.

Théâtre Sévelin 36Lausanne, Switzerland