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44 Harmonies from Apartment House 1776

by Christoph Marthaler

This title was invented by John Cage for a work performed in 1976, a composition which overlays several musical spaces simultaneously. Marthaler’s production will be an idiosyncratic continuation of the research that Cage conducted in his life on the connection between chance, experience and the everyday.

Schauspielhaus, SchiffbauZürich, Switzerland

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Mimi und das Doudou

by Figurentheater Margrit Gysin

A new production from Margrit Gysin, the grande dame of young children's puppet theatre. A lost doll, a father bear desperately trying to find it and an inconsolable Mimi. After several attempts, the Brumm Bear comes up with a very interesting idea ...

VorstadttheaterBasel, Switzerland

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Bella Figura

by Ballett Zürich

In this four-part evening Zurich Ballet will pay homage to Jiří Kylián. What all Kylián’s choreographic works have in common, is their painful beauty and a lightness of movement paired with profound musicality, expressive emotionalism and poignant introspection.

Opernhaus ZürichZürich, Switzerland

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by Compagnie 7273

Laurence Yadi and Nicola Cantillon’s latest production reinvents the perception and interpretation of a choreographic movement in semi-darkness. A sensory experience and a choreographic act without explicit narration.

Théâtre Forum MeyrinGeneva,

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Le Royaume

by Compagnie L’Alakran

A burlesque comedy adapted from a cult tv series by Lars von Trier, where rationalist doctors rub shoulders with the ghosts that wander around a huge hospital. Director Oscar Gómez Mata examines a hospital community torn between reason and emotion, cutting-edge technology and haunting nightmares...

Comédie de GenèveGeneva, Switzerland

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Les Italiens

by Massimo Furlan

Accompanied by two dancers and a musician, Massimo Furlan invites Italian immigrants living in Lausanne to share their memories and dreams: of their native Italy that they left behind fifty years ago and of modern-day Switzerland that they helped build.

Théâtre de VidyLausanne, Switzerland