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Performance Process

Switzerland celebrates 60 years of performance-art history with an extensive programme over five months at Basel’s Kunsthalle, Kaserne Basel and Tinguely Museum, in partnership with the Centre culturel suisse in Paris.

Museum TinguelyBasel, Switzerland

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Festival Contemporanea

This year the Festival Contemporanea in Prato will have a Swiss focus on theatre and dance from different regions of Switzerland. The programme will include productions by Alexandra Bachzetsis, Compagnie L'Alakran, IIPM / Milo Rau and Yasmine Hugonnet.

Teatro MetastasioPrato, Italy

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Swiss Window in Asia: Asphalt Piloten

This year, Pro Helvetia's second «Swiss Window in Asia» presents four major tours by Swiss artists in China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines. Beginning in September, Asphalt Piloten appears in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Busan, Seoul, Suwon, Geumheon and Ansan.

Different LocationsHanoi, Seoul, Vietnam, South Korea

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Festival Actoral

Following its successful Swiss focus in 2015, the festival will once again present an exciting selection of Swiss projects by and with Yasmine Hugonnet, Phil Hayes, Antoinette Rychner and Marie-Luce Ruffieux.

Festival ActoralMarseille, France

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Remote Pafos

by Rimini Protokoll

In Pafos, European Capital of Culture 2017. A horde of people swarms out into the city, directed by a synthetic voice in headphones while observing each other. Each city-specific version of this production is a new creation, building on the dramatic structure of its predecessor.

City of PafosPafos, Cyprus

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FIT Festival Internazionale del Teatro

The «Festival Internazionale del Teatro e della scena contemporanea» is an artistic repository that dedicates space to every form of live performance: shows, urban projects, workshops, meetings and many other hybrid activities capable of projecting visions of change.

City of LuganoLugano, Switzerland