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Performance Process

Switzerland celebrates 60 years of performance-art history with an extensive programme over five months at Basel’s Kunsthalle, Kaserne Basel and Tinguely Museum, in partnership with the Centre culturel suisse in Paris.

Museum TinguelyBasel, Switzerland

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Das Lehrerzimmer – Eine Passion

by Vorstadttheater Basel

After «Frau Kägis Nachtmusik» and «Das Affenhaus» this is the third work of a trilogy about school and education. This time, the teachers’ points of view are given in the most secretive, even magical place in every schoolhouse: the teachers' room.

VorstadttheaterBasel, Switzerland

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Le Loup des sables

by Théâtre des Osses

A little girl called Zackarina meets a wolf on the beach, which appears as if by magic. The wolf knows everything, he has travelled all the worlds in the universe from end to end. Through his playful answers, he helps her to grow and to lead the way towards autonomous thought.

Théâtre des OssesFribourg, Switzerland

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Traces #Genève #2050

by Cie József Trefeli

The project is set in 2050 in an anemic Geneva where dancers have been banished. They have regrouped in an underground world, their bodies are confined in this future-present, cleansed of prejudices and methodology, but powerful and creative, working together for the renewal of the body’s potential.

ADC-GenèveGeneva, Switzerland

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International Kulturbörse

A trade fair for stage and street art with around 350 exhibitors and 180 live performances from theatre, variety, cabaret, comedy, jazz, pop, rock & world music, dance, street theatre and spoken word. This year, it focuses specifically on Switzerland.

Messe FreiburgFreiburg i. Br., Germany

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Weltzustand Davos (Staat 4)

by Rimini Protokoll

In this fourth and final part of the «Staat 1-4» series, Rimini Protokoll installs a model simulation of the World Economic Forum and transforms the theatre stage into the Forum of the Powerful, whose goal is to improve the world.

Schauspielhaus, SchiffbauZürich, Switzerland