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Performance Process

Switzerland celebrates 60 years of performance-art history with an extensive programme over five months at Basel’s Kunsthalle, Kaserne Basel and Tinguely Museum, in partnership with the Centre culturel suisse in Paris.

Museum TinguelyBasel, Switzerland

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Remote Pafos

by Rimini Protokoll

In Pafos, European Capital of Culture 2017. A horde of people swarms out into the city, directed by a synthetic voice in headphones while observing each other. Each city-specific version of this production is a new creation, building on the dramatic structure of its predecessor.

City of PafosPafos, Cyprus

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Money Piece I (Comedy)

by Marcel Schwald

A Greco-Swiss group concern themselves with «saving» or, more precisely, with «people with a history of saving». Both in Switzerland, considered to be a wealthy country, and in Greece, an officially bankrupt state, many people are exposed to the constant burden of taxation.

Kaserne BaselBasel, Switzerland

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Swiss Contemporary Dance Factory

The DANAE Festival and DiDstudio in Milan are cooperating to present this exciting Swiss Contemporary Dance Factory, with productions by Marco Berrettini, Tabea Martin, Yasmine Hugonnet, Ioannis Mandafounis, Rudy Van der Merwe, Martin Schick and Ruth Childs.

Danae FestivalMilano, Italy

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Hocus Pocus

by Cie Philippe Saire

Designed for young audiences, the show relies on the strength of images and the sensations they provoke, where dance and the visual arts combine. Friendship, magic and adventure: a fantastic journey that unfolds in this fascinating piece.

Le Petit Théâtre de LausanneLausanne, Switzerland

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Leonce und Lena

by Theater Basel

Thom Luz, director-in-residence at Theater Basel, uses the dreamy final scene in Büchner’s ambiguous play as the starting point of a new piece of music theatre and paves his own way through its desperate, yet cheerful, world.

Theater BaselBasel, Switzerland