The IIPM – International Institute of Political Murder, based in Switzerland and Germany, was founded by Milo Rau in 2007 for the creation and promotion of his artistic works. Since its founding, IIPM has focused on the multimedia treatment of historical and socio-political conflicts. The productions represent a new form of political art that is highly condensed in documentary and aesthetic terms. IIPM has realised over 50 theatre productions, films, books, exhibitions and actions. Its works have toured more than 30 countries and IIPM has been invited to show them at many of the major international festivals. Milo Rau has received many honours, most recently the Peter-Weiss-Prize 2017, the 3sat-Prize 2017, the 2017 Saarbrucken Poetry Lectureship for Drama and, in 2016, the prestigious World Theatre Day ITI Prize.
Swiss Theatre Award 2014
(Photo by Stefan Bläske)