Prototype Status is a contemporary dance company founded in 2008 by choreographer Jasmine Morand. The company is supported by the canton Vaud and the city of Vevey. Largely inspired by graphic art, the large-scale creations (MIRE, LUMEN, MIRKIDS) have put the company on the international scene since 2016. They were awarded the Dance Performance Award 2020 for “Lumen”  by the Federal Office of Culture. Supported by the city of Vevey, the company is also in charge of the Dansomètre, a residency space for choreographic creation.

«LUMEN» © Céline Michel
«ARIA» © Céline Michel

Contact diffusion manager: Les Productions de la Seine, Florence Francisco, / Gabrielle Baille,

Featured image: «MIRE» © Céline Michel