Swiss Theatre at the peak in Mülheim

Every year in May and June the most important festival of German-speaking contemporary drama takes place in Northwest Germany: the Mülheimer Theatertage. For the upcoming edition, the jury has selected seven productions whose texts they have identified as the most exciting from last season.
A record-breaking three of these come from Switzerland:
«der thermale widerstand» by Ferdinand Schmalz, directed by Barbara Falter, one of Zurich Schauspielhaus’ up-and-coming young directors. The piece is set in a thermal bath in which the interests between the profit-maximizing market economy and social utopia collide.

«Die Vernichtung», created by Olga Bach and Ersan Mondtag at Konzert Theater Bern, also being shown at the Berliner Theatertreffen. A disturbing piece about young people in a fascinating dream world between apocalypse and paradise.

«Empire» by IIPM / Milo Rau, a co-production with Theater Spektakel Zürich. The third and final part of the European trilogy is a complex work about individual biographies, theatre and the history of Europe, personified by four exceptional actors.

But this is not all: since 2007, a children’s theater festival has been held parallel to the main festival «Stücke». And – it’s not a surprise – this year a Swiss production was also invited, namely «Dickhäuter» from the Zurich-based Theater Fallalpha, with text by Tina Müller. A piece about rhinoceroses and other animals as well as outsiders and all-too-normal children.
The Mülheimer Theatertage 2017 present a fantastic Swiss selection from May 13th to June 3rd. Now, let’s keep our fingers crossed that the Mülheim dramatists’ prize, which will be awarded after the festival, will also go to Switzerland!