An Invitation from La Bâtie for its «Professional Days»

Another year has passed and Geneva’s two-week Festival La Bâtie beckons again! And for the eleventh year in succession we welcome you to La Bâtie’s «Professional Days».

This event from 3 to 5 September 2017 has succeeded in bringing several Swiss artists to Geneva, so a trip there is definitely recommended. On Monday, 4 September, the programme will include oral presentations by Eugenie Rebetez, Ntando Cele, Ioannis Mandafounis, Karim Bel Kacem and Marcel Schwald.
Over the weekend, works by various Genevan artists can be seen: Two of the four productions on offer in the Professional Days programme take a critical look at today’s society. «Le Direktør» addresses the problems of western capitalism. Oscar Gómez Mata’s stage play is a humorous, irreverent adaptation of Lars von Trier’s film, «The Boss of It All», a satirical look at working life. The production fields a remarkable cast and reveals the tribulations of capitalism while never forgetting the importance of idealism. The focus of the second piece is more precise, namely the massive migration of people from the Middle East. «ACTIONS» is an original and reflective performance by Nicolas Cilins, Yan Duyvendak and Nataly Sugnaux. Over the course of a performance, «ACTIONS» creates an ideal democratic gathering in which asylum seekers, political leaders and volunteers from the city express themselves. By putting emphasis on the here and now, «ACTIONS» looks at the great migration crisis, and its depiction in the media, from a different angle in order to focus on that which only theatre is capable of: gaining direct access to the documentary force of personal testimonies.

Ruth Childs©Grégory Batardon

By contrast, the other two pieces are less concerned with theatre as commentary and more focused on art that simply, but powerfully, expresses itself. Since its inception, Compagnie 7273’s founders, Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon have choreographed and performed their productions together. For the first time, they have created a solo, custom-made piece for Yadi – «TODAY» – a secretive and bewitching dance. Like a tree caught in the storm, she bends but never breaks. Without frills, «TODAY» focuses simply on the need to dance.
Ruth Childs’ new programme, «Particular Reel», «Calico Mingling», «Reclining Rondo», «Katema» is a recreation of four of her aunt Lucinda Child’s first works. An overview of the 1970s, these four impressive performances — solo and group works — are a worthy re-creation of the originals, reminding us of the radical nature of the post-modern movement. A legacy is in good hands!