Artists at Actoral

The multidisciplinary Festival Actoral in Marseille is dedicated to authors and texts in the widest sense and throughout all artistic genres.

Accordingly, the programme does not focus primarily on literature, but includes the performing and visual arts, music and interdisciplinary artistic formats. Following up on a successful Swiss focus two years ago, three Swiss artists will be featured in this year’s festival from 26 September to 14 October.
Yasmine Hugonnet will appear with two productions: her international success «Le Récital des Postures» and «Se Sentir Vivant», a new creation. While she explores the body and its manifold forms of expression in both pieces, she does so in quite different ways – and almost casually shows that she is also a gifted ventriloquist.
The performance «These are my principles» by Phil Hayes has a playful experimental layout with questions and answers, consensus and clear positions. In a world of compromise, can you still make principled choices?
In addition to these performance projects, the Swiss author Antoinette Rychner is represented with a discursive presentation of her yet unpublished hybrid novel «Notre Epopée».
This year’s programme of Festival Actoral is sure to add colour to autumn in Marseille!