Avignon: Festival and Sélection suisse

From 6 to 24 July, the Festival d’Avignon and the Festival OFF will bring together around 3000 programmers and directors from around the world in search of new productions.

The Festival d’Avignon has included in its programme IIPM / Milo Rau’s «The Repetition – History/ies of Theatre (I)», whose world premiere took place in May at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels. In presenting the true story of a shockingly violent murder, Milo Rau searches for the origins of a modern tragedy. How do we bring a victim to life on stage? And how do we present violence? What are emotion, truth and artistic engagement? This intense performance exploits reality as a source of true catharsis.

Apart from the excellent programme of the Festival d’Avignon, the Festival OFF also offers highlights, including the productions from the Sélection suisse en Avignon. A joint project of Pro Helvetia and Corodis, the Sélection suisse presents contemporary Swiss productions of performing arts. Now in its third consecutive year, it is showing the following productions in the 2018 Festival OFF d’Avignon:

Opening event on 11 July at 11:11 am in 11 • Gilgamesh Belleville, featuring «D’autres» by Tiphanie Bovay-Klameth
Alone on stage, the performer embodies a crowd of characters busily preparing for a show at the end of the year. Drawing from her own personal mourning, she creates a tribute to the community – funny, tender and sharp.

«Quitter la terre» by Cie SNAUT/Joël Maillard  – 11 • Gilgamesh Belleville, 6 to 24 July at 11:55 am
This theatrical performance comes up with the radical solution of freeing the earth of its inhabitants for the time it needs to recover. An oblivious group of earth-dwellers is put into orbit in space capsules, while the remaining group is sterilised and left to die off by itself.

«Knusa / Insert Coins» by Cie Greffe / Cindy Van Acker and Christian Lutz – La Collection Lambert, 10 to 19 July at 16:50 pm
On the wall, photographs taken in Las Vegas by Christian Lutz. Bodies shaped, cracked, shattered by the gambling and entertainment industries. In the centre, lying on the ground, is Cindy Van Acker. An embrace takes place to the electro pulsations of Mika Vainio. Between images and dance; realism and abstraction.

«Hocus Pocus» by Cie Philippe Saire  – Festival Théâtr’enfants/Monclar, 10 to 24 July at 14:10 pm
Between two neon lights, two dancers make an unusual appearance. At first, only their backs, elbows and feet can be distinguish. This leads into a playful exploration of appearances and disappearances. A visual tale for young audiences, in which the characters go through a thousand and one adventures.

«These are my principles… If you don’t like them I have others» by Phil Hayes  – La Manufacture, 11 to 14 July at 23:00 pm
For or against? It is on this canvas, simple but never simplistic, that Phil Hayes and Nada Gambier arrange their malicious performance. In today’s world, is it obvious that we should automatically join one camp or another? Moreover, in a world of compromises, is it still possible to have principles?

Other Events
In addition to these performances, there will be a lecture by Latifa Djerbi on 13 July at 17:00 pm, organized together with SACD, along with a project by Pierre Mifsud and Thierry Balasse, which will be presented in collaboration with Festival d’Avignon from 18 to 24 July at 11:00 am. Finally, the Collection Lambert in association with Grand Arles Express will host a photographic exhibition by Christian Lutz.

Find further information on the website of Sélection suisse en Avignon.