Avignon’s Festival Frenzy

This year the Festival d’Avignon again hosts renowned artists and outstanding performances from all over the world.

On show are the latest productions by, amongst others, Boyzie Cekwana, Katie Mitchell, Guy Cassiers, Frank Castorf, Lemi Ponifasio, Juliette Binoche and Tiago Rodriguez. Simon Stone, who has recently had international success with his adaption of «Drei Schwestern» at Theater Basel, will present «Ibsen Huis», which he staged with the Toneelgroep Amsterdam.
The main productions of the Festival d’Avignon in the picturesque Cour d’honneur of the Popes’ Palace are by the Japanese director Satoshi Miyagi and the Spanish choreographer Israel Galván.

Yan Duyvendak_Still in Paradise_©Magda Stanova
Yan Duyvendak_Still in Paradise ©Magda Stanova

Every summer Avignon OFF adds extra allure to the festival. More than 1000 international companies offer theatre, dance, performance and music at countless venues within and outside the historic city walls from early to late. In this framework, four remarkable productions from Switzerland will be presented as «Sélection suisse en Avignon», an initiative that has been launched by Pro Helvetia and Corodis last year.
The four selected productions are:

  • Yan Duyvendak & Omar Ghayatt: «Still in Paradise», at Manufacture from 6 to 25 July
  • Yasmine Hugonnet: «Le Récital des postures», at CDC-les Hivernales from 9 to 19 July
  • Martin Schick: «Halfbreadtechnique», at Manufacture (within the Nightshots series) from 15 to 20 July
  • Katy Hernan & Barbara Schlittler, Kajibi Express: «1985 … 2045», at Théâtr’enfants / Monclar Festival from
    11 to 26 July

Thanks to the new cooperation with the Children’s Theatre Festival at the gates of Avignon, the programme reaches out to a young audience as well.
In addition to these four selected productions, two readings with the Swiss dramatists Julie Gilbert and Joël Maillard will take place. And at the opening on 11 July at 12.12h, Schick/Gremaud/Pavillon introduce their performance «70 Minutes».
The «Sélection Suisse» gives artists the opportunity to show their work in the popular OFF festival to numerous curators, French and international, and to make professional contacts within an international touring network.

A further initiative, launched by Pro Helvetia and the Festival d’Avignon five years ago, is aimed specifically at new talents: the «Séminaire en Avignon». For one week, young performing artists from Europe and overseas are invited to exchange their views on the festival productions and beyond as well as to meet international artists and organisers.
This year, young artists from Switzerland, Argentina, Canada, Italy, the Czech Republic, Russia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo will take part. The Swiss artists are Emilie Blaser from Neuchâtel (director), Aude Bourrier from Geneva (director of children’s theatre), Lukas Stucki from Zürich (scenographer) and Lucie Eidenbenz from Geneva (choreographer).

Festival d'Avignon_©Christophe Raynaud de Lage
Festival d’Avignon ©Christophe Raynaud de Lage

Festival d’Avignon

Sélection suisse en Avignon
Séminaire en Avignon