Biennale de la Danse in Lyon

The 18th edition of Biennale de la Danse will take place from 11 to 30 September in Lyon.

The Biennale de la Danse is a generous and committed event presenting 42 productions in more than 200 performances, appealing to a wide audience. The 2018 edition offers an exciting programme including several Swiss productions.

«VR_I» by Cie Gilles Jobin and Artanim – 13 September, 14:00
For the first time, a choreographer melds immersive virtual reality with dance to create a totally new sensory experience. His new creation, «VR_I», emerged from his encounter with the founders of Artanim, Caecilia Charbonnier and Sylvain Chagué, specialists in motion-capture technology.

«La mesure du désordre» by ZOO / Thomas Hauert & La Bolsa – 21 September, 19:00
This piece is a collaboration between Thomas Hauert and La Bolsa, a group of catalan artists. «La mesure du désordre» taps the unconscious as a way of experiencing external stimulations, and brilliantly incorporates the idea of unpredictability – inviting us to contemplate the beauty of disorder.

«Ein Zwei Drei» by Martin Zimmermann – 28 September, 21:00
Packed with visual collisions, Zimmermann’s wordless theatre incorporates circus, dance and visual-arts roots. Here, with live piano accompaniment, a tasteful museum space catalyses the violence and complexity of human passions in tragi-comic manner…

«Bienvenue» by Eugénie Rebetez – 9 October, 20:30
For her third work, the dancer-choreographer becomes a cleaning lady, far removed from the divas of her earlier Gina and Encore. Alternating intensity and a lightness of touch, poetry and comedy, the ordinary and the surreal, Eugénie Rebetez creates an odd domestic scene of chaos and order.

Full programme and tickets are available on Biennale de la Danse website.