BONE Performance

The 21st season of the BONE Performance Festival will take place in Berne from 28 November to 1st December.

This year, the festival is focusing on two main programmes: «B for Performance» and «B for Music». The performance formats, exhibitions and discussions can be seen in and around the Schlachthaus Theatre, while the music events take place in the Stadtgalerie and in the Progr. They feature visual artists who are also musicians, playing together in different formations.
Among the various performance events, «unsichtbarst²», the production by the Bernese dance artist Anna Huber, deserves special mention. Twenty years after she premiered her solo and ten years since its last performance, Anna Huber has developed a fresh version of «unsichtbarst²» from a new, mature perspective. It’s about seeing and being seen; showing, representing, hiding. How does the perception of the stage and of one’s own body change over the years?

Other Swiss artists in the performative part of the festival are:
Christoph Rütimann, who uses the outside space in front of the Schlachthaus Theatre for his installation performance;
Katja Schenker, who employs physical strength to transform gestures and actions into time and form.
Juerg Luedi, who asks questions about the last things, with rituals for death.

The complete programme can be found on BONE Performance.