Burning Topics at FIT Festival

From 24 September to 6 October 2019, the FIT Festival in Lugano presents great Swiss and international shows from, among others, Rimini Protokoll, Rabih Mroué, Yasmine Hugonnet, Lola Arias and Milo Rau.

FIT’s artistic director Paola Tripoli writes in her editorial that the world is burning and is glorifying the new gods of violence and power. Political (re)thinking is more important today than ever. As of 24 September, the Festival in Lugano will be presenting forceful productions by artists who examine society ruthlessly, compelling people to think.
Among them are several Swiss:

29 September, 20.30 at LAC Lugano: Rimini Protokoll / Stefan Kaegi, «Granma. Trombones from Havana»
In the 60th year of the revolution, four young Cubans search for traces of their history. They embark on a journey through time in which they tell the stories of their families over multiple generations and intertwine them with contemporary socio-political questions.

30 September, 19.00 at LAC Lugano: IIPM / Milo Rau, «The Congo Tribunal»
For more than 20 years the Congo wars over abundant supplies of natural resources have transformed an area the size of Western Europe into hell on earth. Milo Rau has brought together victims, perpetrators, witnesses and analysts of the conflict in a unique civilian tribunal.

Yasmine Hugonnet_Chronological ©Anne-Laure Lechat
Yasmine Hugonnet_Chronological ©Anne-Laure Lechat

01 October, 20.30 at LAC Lugano: Yasmine Hugonnet, «CHRO NO LO GI CAL»
Yasmine Hugonnet’s dance is characterised by a serene and sensitive care towards movement. What does it evoke for oneself and for others? Her performance «Chro no lo gi cal», is an invitation to go on an inner journey, playing with time and our perception of it.

02 October, 20.30 at Teatro Foce: Boris Nikitin, «Attempt on Dying»
Boris Nikitin develops an autobiographically inspired performance about what it means to break social taboos, step into the public eye and make oneself visible, exposed and vulnerable. Vulnerability is portrayed, not as a lack of humanity, but as the ability to subvert.

04 October, 14.00 at Teatro Foce: Teatro Danzabile, «Io Pinocchio» (young audience 12 years+)
The performance interweaves the experiences of the author, who grew up in institutions for children with learning difficulties, with Collodi’s text, both of which deal with a person’s search for their «normality» and their participation in society.

05 October, 20.30 at LAC Lugano: Rudi van der Merwe, «Lovers, Dogs and Rainbows»
This documentary film and performance project spans from the past to the present and focuses on marginalized groups such as black women, the LGBTIQ community and dogs. The film explores the post-apartheid reality and inequalities present in all of South Africa’s cities.

See the full programme of the festival here.