«Eins Zwei Drei» on tour

Martin Zimmermann’s «Eins Zwei Drei» goes on tour in France and Luxembourg from January to May 2019.

Following its successful run in Switzerland, Martin Zimmermann’s production sets off to explore France and Luxembourg. «Eins Zwei Drei» is an acrobatic, absurd and hectic tragi-comedy featuring a contemporary look at a trio of clowns housed in an ultra-modern museum. The white clown with his dignified and serious airs, the second: impertinent and majestic and the third, the anti-clown who disturbs and upsets everything.
The tour dates are as follows:

  • Maubeuge (FR) 10 – 11 January: Manège Maubeuge, Scène Nationale
  • Luxembourg (LU) 15 – 16 January: Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg
  • Le Havre (FR) 29 – 30 January: Le Volcan, Scène Nationale du Havre
  • Paris (FR) 20 – 24 February: Théâtre de la Ville, joint production with le Centquatre
  • Besançon (FR) 19 – 22 March: Les 2 Scènes, Scène Nationale de Besançon
  • Bourges (FR) 02 – 03 April: Maison de la Culture de Bourges, Scène Nationale
  • Châteauroux (FR) 11 – 12 May: Equinoxe, Scène Nationale de Châteauroux
  • Bayonne (FR) 21 – 23 May: Théâtre de Bayonne, Scène Nationale du Sud-Aquitain

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