far°: Festival at the Lake

Join the far° festival from 14 to 24 August 2019, which takes place right on Lake Geneva in the beautiful town of Nyon.

The far° (festival des arts vivants) aims to explore the live performing arts in the broadest possible way. Its programme includes different forms of art: dance, performance, theatre and all formats in between. The festival also offers several side events, including the writing workshop Atelier d’écriture, the Laboratoire de la pensée, which offers debates and a creative approach to critical thinking, and the project Perf en bref, in which an artistic collective invites curators, theoreticians and artists to participate in three one-hour-long interviews about performance art.

The main festival programme includes a large variety of performances, many of them by Swiss artists:

Raphaelle Mueller_AFFP
Raphaelle Mueller_AFFP

Lea Moro, Sketch of Togetherness #2, 14 & 15 August, Salle communale
This long-term project explores encounters as an artistic practice, highlighting physical presence and otherness. In this second part, choreographer and dancer Claire Dessimoz spends a day with Catherine Labouchère, a politician engaged in culture, social issues, education, health and other fields.

Adina Secretan, Les bonnes œuvres, 14 to 24 August, cour des Marchandises
How do artists perceive the public? How do they address something to people they don’t know? With Les bonnes œuvres, every day during the festival, a member of the public will be surprised with an original work offered to them out of the blue.

Raphaëlle Mueller, Autonomous Future Food Production, 14 to 24 August, cour des Marchandises
This futurist scenario of food, rooted in ancestral practices as well as in today’s scientific research, speculates on how we will feed ourselves in 2060 and opens up questions about our collaboration with non-human agents like bacteria, algae, fungi and insects.

Ondine Cloez & Adrien Mesot, La ballade des plantes en balade, 15 to 20 August, cour des Marchandises
An invitation to a walk in the Nyonnais region to discover wild plants in song! Adrien Mesot takes the audience on a journey through the gustatory and medicinal virtues of local wild plants. Ondine Cloez sings aphorisms from the book Regimen sanitatis Salernitanum.

Rébecca Balestra, Igor Cardellini, Tomas Gonzalez: Showroom, 16 & 17 August, Les Marchandises
A performance about useless things, our endangered world and individuals destined for oblivion. Actress Rebecca Balestra embodies characters who make up the bedrock of our consumerist society and who are gradually being replaced by robots.

Cie SNAUT_Joel_Maillard_©David Gagnebin-de Bons
Cie SNAUT_Joel_Maillard_©David Gagnebin-de Bons

Joël Maillard, Cie SNAUT: Sans effort, 21 & 22 August, Salle communale
What is left of the human brain in the absence of any digital storage media? Together with Marie Ripoll on stage, musician Louis Jucker and Tiphanie Bovay-Klameth as external memory bank, Joël Maillard explores human memory and oral transmission as a unique medium of creation.

Joëlle Fontannaz, Sébastien Grosset, Camille Mermet: Paysages impossibles, 23 & 24 August, Les Marchandises
The performance conjures up imaginary spaces on an empty stage simply through the power of description. Two performers interweave descriptions of real places with personal sensations, so that each audience member mentally constructs fictional landscapes that no scenography could ever realise.

In addition to the main programme, the Extra Time project is intended to support, extend and stimulate the work of young Swiss artists. The participants come both from the field of the performing arts and from disciplines in other contemporary arts. This year’s Extra Time artists and their projects are:
Adaline Anobile: See that my grave is kept clean
Baptiste Cazaux: Exercice de styles #2
Anne-Lise Tacheron: Action Center

The full programme is available on the festival’s website.