Festival at the Fortress

From 27 June to 6 July 2019, the Belluard Bollwerk International’s contemporary arts festival in Fribourg will welcome 24 projects from different artistic disciplines, among which there will be 15 new productions. 

For its 26th edition, the festival’s underlying theme is the impact of art. Nowadays art is expected to deliver results and must reach target audiences. But isn’t the impact of art invisible and immeasurable? The shows will take place on the outdoor stage in the medieval fortress as well as in various places in the city of Fribourg. 

Among the Swiss performing arts productions present at this year’s edition:

  • Joël Maillard and Robin Lescouët, «Unfortunately Still Without Any Title», on 29 June
  • Alessandro Schiattarella and Jonas Gillmann, «Rejected», on 4 July
  • Aurore Jecker, «Helen W.», on 28 & 29 June
  • Nicole Morel and Lea Hobson, «A Journey on Moving Grounds», on 28 – 30 June 
  • Martin Schick and Mirko Winkel, «Nature Politics or: How to Leave Nature Alone», on 30 June 
  • Social Muscle Club, on 27 June
  • Yan Duyvendak, Martin Schick and Melisa Su, «Solutions», on 6 July
  • Bertrand Dubois, «Cambium», installation, from 28 June to 6 July
  • Local actors and actresses collaborate on an intimate performance with a Syrian team for «Aleppo. A portrait of absence» by Omar Abusaada, Mohammad Al Attar and Bissane Al Charif, from 28 June to 6 July

Discover the full programme on the Belluard Festival’s website.

Belluard Festival 2018_©Pierre Yves Massot
Belluard Festival 2018_©Pierre Yves Massot