Festival Summer Part One: Outdoors

Summer in Switzerland: pretty cities, cool lakes, high mountains, picturesque landscapes. Lovely as these images are, their attractiveness is heightened by the addition of the arts. Three different Swiss festivals are dedicated to the performing arts in public spaces this June and July.

The Belluard Festival takes place from 22 June to 2 July in Fribourg and its environs. The Lausanne-based director Massimo Furlan’s production for this event is «Travelling», a poetic and somewhat creepy bus tour throughout the city and its unfamiliar spots. In addition, the multi-talented artist Martin Schick will entice visitors to the Schwarzsee, where he has unveiled his personal «Universal Exhibition». The Mercimax Company from Zurich will also present an excursion, an «Opening into the Night» with bonfires under the starry sky offering a contemplation of the universe.
The festival center in the Bollwerk is this year occupied by a single group: the German-Swiss collective «Machina eX», which creates the interactive, accessible computer game, «Bastion 2492».
Other artists at the festival include Philippe Quesne and Comp.Marius. The entire program can be found on belluard.ch.

trickster-p_h.g. ©studioCCRZ

The next destination is in Ticino: Festival Territori takes place from 10 to 15 July. There will be theatre, dance and music on the streets and squares of Bellinzona.
The highlights from Ticino and Italy include Carmelo Rifici / Lugano in Scena, OperaRetablO, Trickster-p, Camilla Parini / Collettivo Ingwer and Alessandro Serra.
The presence of international artists, such as Laila Suliman from Egypt, Azadeh Ganjeh from Iran and Farah Saleh & Salma Ataya from Palestine, is equally exciting.
The ancient walls of Bellinzona will hum!

Then, between 30 July and 5 August, La Chaux-de-Fonds will be transformed into a hotspot of street theatre. The La Plage des Six Pompes Festival takes place in large squares, small streets and hidden corners with varied street art for a wide audience.

Massimo Furlan_Travelling ©No23Prod