Festival Territori: Theatre in urban space

Organized by the Teatro Sociale Bellinzona, The Festival Territori is dedicated to local and international contemporary theatre productions and takes place in different parts of the city.

The Festival Territori in Bellinzona will take place from 10 to 14 July. Organized by the Teatro Sociale Bellinzona, the event is dedicated to local and international contemporary theatre productions and takes place in different parts of the city. This is an opportunity to discover productions from all over Switzerland.

«Ballet Solo» by Marie-Caroline Hominal – Centro Festival (Sala Patriziale) – 10 July
The evolutionary format of «Ballet Solo» focuses on the figure of the buffoon and draws the audience into an all-embracing experience, similar to that of a ritual that allows one to makes contact with space and time.

«Tiempos…» by Cie Héros Fourbus – Teatro di San Biagio – 10 July
How does time shape our lives, our fears and our joys? «Tiempos…» is a look at time and its effects on us. A man and a woman are presented in inconsequential scenes, where nothing exceptional seems to happen, but which are nevertheless important.

«La forme de l’âme» by Elena Boillat – Teatro di San Biagio – 11 July
Inspired by the writings of the philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy, «La forme de l’âme» is a performance accompanied by electronic music and excerpts from Nancy’s writings, delivered on a smoke-filled stage.

«Ctrl_V» by Cosima Grand – Teatro di San Biagio – 12 July
We hear two voices talking together in darkness. As light appears, we see two perfomers, their fragmented sentences gradually becoming gestures and movements. «Crtl-V» questions the relationships between word and gesture, intellect and emotion.

« Exp: je voudrais commencer par sauter » by Francesca Sproccati – Piazza Giuseppe Buffi – 12 & 14 July
The Territori Festival plays host to this new production of Francesco Sproccati. It runs for the festival’s five days in the AreaDanza, where the Ticinese choreographer invites the public to join him in two research sessions.

«Nettles» by Trickster-p – Aula Magna Scuole Nord -12, 13 & 14 July
Spectators can immerse themselves in an experience that explores the beginning and end of the human journey: life and death. Wearing a headset, the spectator – both witness and actor – is guided through an odyssey, moving from room to room, free to explore in solitude.

«Nothing is Lost» by Serge Nicolaï and Olivia Corsini / Accademia Teatro Dimitri – Centro Festival (Corte del Municipio) – 13 July
A collective creation with 3rd year undergraduate students from the Accademia Teatro Dimitri.

«Osmosi» by Lena Sophia Bagutti – Teatro Sociale– 13 & 14 July
Born in Ticino to a Franco-Algerian mother and a Swiss father, Sophia Bagutti explores the quest for identity linked to migration over several generations. Three protagonists born in three different countries: a girl, a mother and a grandmother whose lives are traced from birth to 25 years.

«Tirza – prova aperta» de Kami Manns / Paradise is here – Via Linoleum 14, Giubiasco – 14 July
Kami Manns has developed a play, conceived as a monologue, and based on the novel «Tirza» by Arnon Grünberg. The final version will be presented in 2019 in the form of a trilogy on moral dilemmas and the human tragedy.

«10 giardini da non perdere» by AiEP / Avventure in elicottero prodotti –Palazzo Franscini – 14 July
«10 giardini da non perdere » is a choreographic work in which the audience assume their active and critical roles by modifying the play with their own choices and by their mere presence. There are also members of the audience who attend the performance without taking an active role … at least that’s what they think!

Full programme and tickets are available on Festival Territori’s website.