Fierce in Birmingham

Under the slogan «Performance/Parties/Politics/Pop» the Fierce Festival in Birmingham will present outstanding performative works in mid-October. Don’t miss the Swiss focus on 19 and 20 October with Yann Marussich, Alexandra Bachzetsis and Marco Berrettini.

The Fierce Festival, taking place from 15 to 20 October 2019, has an international reputation for an agenda-setting curation and for a programme of surprising, often provocative live arts – including theatre, dance, music, installations, activism, digital practices and parties. It seeks out committed, visionary artists from diverse disciplines, such as Yann Marussich, Alexandra Bachzetsis and Marco Berrettini.
In addition to the performances of these three exciting Swiss artists, the festival will hold a discussion panel «On Swiss Live Art». The event, presented in partnership with the Live Art Development Agency and Ikon, is designed to shed light on the performing arts environment in Switzerland and offers a chance to be inspired by the exchange with Yann Marussich, Alexandra Bachzetsis and the performance artist Andrea Saemann.

Alexandra Bachzetsis_Private Wear a Mask_©Blommers-Schumm
Alexandra Bachzetsis_Private Wear a Mask_©Blommers-Schumm

«On Swiss Live Art»: Saturday, 19 October, 5.00pm at Ikon

All three Swiss performances can be seen on the following Sunday, 20 October:

Yann Marussich: «Bain Brisé», 20 October, 2.30pm, Midlands Arts Centre
A bath is filled with broken glass, a man’s forearm is visible at the surface. The man is stuck inside his bath of glass shards and cannot get out without getting injured. Why get out?
For about two hours Yann Marussich plunges the audience into a visual and sensory apnoea.

Alexandra Bachzetsis: «Private: Wear a mask when you talk to me», 20 October, 5.30pm, Midlands Arts Centre
Bringing Trisha Brown’s choreographic tradition of exploring everyday movement into the techno-baroque world of global pop culture, this solo piece is an unsolicited report on how inherited behaviours related to gender and sexual desire are reproduced in today’s society.

Marco Berrettini: «iFeel2», 20 October, 7.45pm, Birmingham Hippodrome
A young woman and a middle-aged man, half naked in a tropical dream world. An elegant trance-like dance begins. Taking inspiration from Sloterdijk’s philosophy, Marie-Caroline Hominal and Marco Berrettini revisit the age-old question: why are we here, on this earth?


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