Figura Festival: Spot on Puppets and Objects

Specialized in puppetry and object theatre, the Figura Theaterfestival will take place from 12 to 17 June in Baden.

The international programme includes shows from Belgium, France, Spain, Slovenia and other countries as well as a large variety of Swiss productions. This will be an opportunity to discover innovative puppet theatre such as KNPV’s «Fünf Gründe warum Delfine böse Tiere sind», an action-packed black comedy inspired by cinematic effects which have also been shown at the 2018 Swiss Theatre Encounter.

In addition to KNPV’s «Fünf Gründe warum Delfine böse Tiere sind», the following Swiss productions will be featured at the Figura Theaterfestival:

  • «Monster Transport», a Figura Factory-Projekt
    Two school classes have created their monsters with the help of professionals.
  • «7 kleine blaue Wunder» by Theater Roos und Humbel
    Nunu, Mr. and Mrs. Brown come to life in seven wonderful stories, full of blue and happiness.
  • «Die grössten Schweizer Patente» by Stefan Heuss’ & Innovationsorchester
    Stefan Heuss, inventor of strange machines tests his favorite tools and gadgets, supported by the musician Dide Marfurt.
  • «Till trifft – Die Messerwerfmaschine» by G. Traberproduktion
    Till is a knife thrower and builds a machine that continuously launches knives and hits their target.
  • «Puppen-Slam – Ein Wettstreit der besonderen Art» by Figurentheater St. Gallen
    Puppet and Poetry Slam.
  • «Urbana Kalevala» by Sektion Uffjäiden
    Ancient legends link together myths and mysterious anecdotes of everyday life.

In addition, the «Schweizer Schaufenster» will allow both the public and experts to discover six excerpts (15 minutes maximum) from the following Swiss productions:

«Unter Artgenossen» by Theater Fleisch + Pappe
When a mysterious hyena moves in on the second floor of a house, a series of events disrupts the inhabitants’ peace of mind.

«Der Tag, an dem Louis gefressen wurde» by Theater Gustavs Schwestern
Lilli and her little brother Louis spend the weekend with their aunts – who run a secret school for monsters.

«Matto regiert» by Dakar Produktion
In the psychiatric clinic of Randlingen the director and a patient have disappeared and Sergeant Studer has to solve the case.

«Pinocchio im Exil» by Figurentheater Vagabu
Geppetto lives in a retirement home but wants to run away – and Pinocchio has become a man.

«Robot» by Cie. Chamar Bell Clochette
The company explores the sounds of everyday objects while building a robot on the spot.

«Manto» by Cie. Les Malles
Two aged individuals re-find their youth with the help of their masters. A delicate moment of introspection linking poetry, dance and spectacle.

Full information can be found on the website of Figura Theaterfestival