From 5 to 80 Minutes to infinity

«X Minutes» is an exceptional artistic project based on economic rules and principles. The Gessnerallee Zürich bought the performance «80 Minutes» and will present it on 25 January.

«X Minutes» by Swiss artists Martin Schick, François Gremaud and Viviane Pavillon is a series of unique pieces, that get sold individually and will only be created if sold. Each time it is performed at a new venue, five extra minutes are developed at the performance site, and in the local language or languages. The title changes according to the duration of the show: the first performance was called «5 Minutes», the second one «10 Minutes» etc… The buyer of an «X Minutes»’ performance becomes not only the owner of a unique piece, but also a protagonist: every venue dedicates an object that is integrated into the action of the performance. Each step is a bit more expensive, so that «X Minutes» will make a profit starting from 95 minutes. The number of performances is potentially infinite.
After sequels in Brussels, Lausanne, Helsinki, Paris, Rovinj, Naples, Bordeaux, amongst others, and having had a huge success in last year’s Festival Avignon Off, the next part has been purchased by Gessnerallee Zürich. Don’t miss the exclusive presentation of «80 Minutes» on January 25 – including a five-minute intermission purchased by Migros culture percentage. This could be your chance to buy and host one of the future sections!
The performance in Zürich on 25 January takes place in the framework of «Keine Disziplin», a festival defying the limits of boundaries and norms. Other artists appearing at this festival are Mira Kandathil & Annina Machaz, Benny Claessens/CAMPO, Pol Heyvaert/Kim Noble/Jakob Ampe.

More Information: X Minutes