Happy Viewing at Youngster’s Theatre

From 5 to 12 May, Junges Ensemble Stuttgart will host a highlight of the international young people’s theatre scene, the «Schöne Aussicht» Festival.

Every two years, the festival takes place at various Stuttgart theatre venues including, this time, a church. Two Swiss productions, both from Basel, have been invited to this year’s edition of «Schöne Aussicht».

10 & 11 May: junges theater basel & Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin: «Zucken», 14+
A play about young people who feel the increasing distance between themselves and the everyday life with all its insecurities and who are looking for radical alternatives to the social consensus.

12 May: Vorstadttheater Basel: «Affenhaus», 9+
Four primates try to learn etiquette and rehearse compliant behavior in order to finally gain freedom.

«Schöne Aussicht» Festival