International network meeting at Operadagen Rotterdam

From 18 to 27 May 2018, Operadagen Rotterdam will present new forms of contemporary music theatre. Thom Luz and several other Swiss artists will participate in the festival.

Operadagen Rotterdam has become established as an international platform in the music theatre sector. From 18 to 27 May, the festival will present new forms of contemporary music theatre, along with a fringe programme featuring numerous productions at well-known and unexpected venues.
On 23 May in Rotterdam’s Schouwburg, Thom Luz’ «When I Die», a ghost story based on Rosemary Brown’s mysterious compositions dictated by dead composers, will be performed.

Opera Europa is the leading service organisation for professional opera companies and opera festivals throughout Europe. As part of the Operadagen, it will be organising a conference with network meetings, papers and discussions. The network meeting Operation Music Theatre will also take place, bringing together international experts and music theatre practitioners.
At the invitation of Pro Helvetia, Swiss productions were able to apply for a residency of several days in Rotterdam. Out of all the submissions made, the Operadagen have chosen ten Swiss productions, which will be presented in Rotterdam on 24 May to an international audience of professionals:

• «Der Extremist» by ressort k
• «Karl Marx. Das Kapital als Musical» by Freies Musiktheater Zürich
• «Lamento» by Gare du Nord
• «Ødipus REC.» by The Navidsons
• «Teleprompter Paradise» by Leo Hofmann
• «TilT: can we start again?» by Klangbox
• «Orpheus» by Freie Oper Zürich
• «Words and Music» by V XX ZWEETZ
• «Kolik» by Jannik Giger/Leo Hoffmann/Benjamin van Bebber
• «Orlando» by BadNewsFromTheStars*

Have a look at the full programme of Operadagen Rotterdam.