La Ribot and More in Paris

From September to December 2019, the Festival d’Automne à Paris will host around 50 events from the fields of performing arts, visual arts and cinema, including a focus on La Ribot and other Swiss artists.

Starting on 10 September, the Festival d’Automne presents an outstanding international programme at partner venues in Paris and its surroundings. Dedicated to a variety of contemporary arts, the festival has positioned itself as a major player of artistic creation in France and, indeed, worldwide.
This year’s programme features an exciting focus on Swiss dance and theatre. A special highlight is the portrait of the exceptional artist La Ribot: The festival pays homage to her work with a journey through six hybrid projects, located at the crossroads between performance art, video and live installation. Since the 1990’s, La Ribot has been touring her work across the globe and has cooperated with numerous international partners. This constant movement has shaped her artistic language. The idea that nothing should be taken for granted and that nothing is fixed is guiding principle to her work.

La Ribot_Panoramix @Alfred Mauve
La Ribot_Panoramix @Alfred Mauve

The following works by La Ribot can be seen in the framework of this portrait:

«Panoramix», 14 September to 22 September at Centre Pompidou
An anthology piece of thirty-four short vignettes devised between 1993 and 2000, Panoramix serves as a demonstration of the comical and critique-based might of La Ribot’s performances. It takes a fresh look at the conditions of aesthetical reception and uses it as the basis for ridiculing the forms of the consumed body.

«Another Distinguée», 13 to 16 November at Le Centquatre-Paris
As with Panoramix, Another Distinguée is made up of several short works from the Distinguished Pieces series. It involves eight pieces that together make up the series from 2016, where La Ribot mixes strategies of the performing arts with those of contemporary art. Taking place in a dark space, it evolves into a shadowy and brilliantly-orchestrated orgy.

La Ribot_Laughing Hole @Neyda Paredes
La Ribot_Laughing Hole @Neyda Paredes

«Laughing Hole», 5 October at CND Centre national de la danse
Laughing Hole is the most explicitly political of the works on show. Going beyond satire, it deals with the nonsensical nature of Guantanamo and the indecency of its media coverage. In a fusion of dance and exhibition, three performers present hundreds of cardboard signs, with words on it which pack a mighty punch.

«Please Please Please», 15 October at Espace 1789, Saint-Ouen / 17 to 20 October at Centre Pompidou
Choreographers La Ribot and Mathilde Monnier and author Tiago Rodrigues explore the effect that institutions, ranging from schools to art centres, can have on the human body. They manage this with a series of figures, each characterised by their marginalised nature and presented here as different ways of getting around expected norms.

«Se Vende», 14 to 23 September at Centre Pompidou / 5 October to 16 November at CND Centre national de la danse
This exhibition takes place in two venues and presents objects, installations, videos and notebooks of La Ribot, created between 1985 and 2018. Its intention is to destabilize audience-performer relations and at the same time to redefine the space and modalities of encountering each other.

«Happy Island», 7 to 9 November at CND Centre national de la danse
Born from the encounter between La Ribot and the inclusive dance company, Dançando com a Diferença, on the island of Madeira, this work is an ode to imagination, effervescence and all forms of existence. A production which mixes choreography and film, and talks about desire, utilizing all the strength and extraordinary beauty of the human body.

In addition to the extensive portrait of La Ribot, the festival will feature a few other exciting Swiss artists:

Marco Berrettini, «Sorry, do the tour. Again!», 3 to 5 October at CND Centre national de la danse
Who has not dreamed one day of becoming a king or a queen for an evening, dressing up in the bright clothes of a musical, or even dancing like Travolta in Saturday Night Fever? Marco Berrettini has realised his dream in creating this glamorous, self-deprecatory disco contest.

Gremaud/Gurtner/Bovay, «Pièce», 13 to 17 November at Théâtre de la Ville – Les Abbesses
Pièce is a play about a play being played, in which actors play actors acting. The Lausanne-based collective makes use of their keen sense of play and of the absurd to document the subtle and myriad relationships that unfold between humans when they gather together.

Stefan Kaegi / Rimini Protokoll, «Granma. Les trombones de La Havane», 4 to 8 December at La Commune centre dramatique national d’Aubervilliers
In the 60th year of the revolution, four young Cubans search for traces of their history. They embark on a journey through time in which they tell the stories of their families over multiple generations and intertwine them with contemporary socio-political questions. Using this approach, they make Cuba’s history their own so that they can keep writing it.

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