Marthaler and Nikitin in Brazil

The Mostra Internacional de Teatro de São Paulo is one of the most important performing arts festivals in Brazil. This year, it will present two exceptional Swiss performances of musical theatre by Christoph Marthaler and Boris Nikitin respectively.

A hotel room, at the centre of which sits a king-size bed, surrounded by blue panelling and floral upholstery: that’s the decor of Christoph Marthaler’s «King Size». In the intimacy of this room, a man and a woman – accompanied by an older woman – strike up with an eclectic musical repertoire. Using both sound and action, they create a combination of different tonalities and enharmonics, resulting in an overall heterogeneous sound. A man styling his hair although he is bald, an old woman flaunting her senility, pop songs carried by lyrical voices: with «King Size», Marthaler gives music the lead, and in doing so, creates a whimsical show full of tenderness and melancholy.

«King Size» plays at MITsp Festival on 3, 4 and 6 March.

«Hamlet» by Boris Nikitin is not a retelling of Shakespeare’s play but uses his material as a mask with which to reflect on identity, individuality, delusion and reality. In a mixture of experimental documentary performance and queer music-theatre, the performer and electro-musician Julian Meding takes on the role of a contemporary Hamlet rebelling against reality. Supported by a Brazilian string quartet, Meding embarks on a tour de force, in which he reveals himself, his body and his biography to the eyes of the audience.

After three shows at the MITsp Festival on 6, 7 and 8 March, «Hamlet» travels on to Fortaleza for two shows on 11 & 12 March at Giro das Artes.