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From 8 November to 1 December, the NEXT Arts Festival 2018 offers a fine selection of trail-blazing international contemporary theatre and dance in different Belgian and French cities.

In this eleventh edition, 19 renowned venues, situated in and around the French-Belgian Eurometropolis of Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai, join forces in creating a programme of 45 exceptional productions. A wide range of artists is featured, including rising stars as well as established companies from around the world.
Among them are four very diverse and exciting productions from Switzerland:

Martin Schick, Halfbreadtechnique, 27 Nov in Beauvais (FR) & 30 Nov in Kortrijk (EN)
How much do you need for your own prosperity? Imagine spending half of what you have on charity. Martin Schick is only a modest Swiss artist. He has to display his generosity through art. To begin with, he gives half of his stage and half of his production budget to a guest dancer from a developing country. Together with the public, they examine the relationship between do-gooders and generosity.

Denise Wintsch, Urbit&Orbit, 29 & 30 Nov in Valenciennes (FR)
Visits to church as a child comprised Denise Wintsch’s first acquaintance with an absurd world. Urbit&Orbit is an anarchic continuation and free interpretation of a journey she once interrupted. A mad Mass. An even Newer Testament. A canonisation of her own phantasms. A salvation into a heaven of sense and nonsense.

Laetitia Dosch, HATE, 30 Nov & 1 Dec in Villeneuve (FR)
HATE is a duet with a horse. The actress Laetitia Dosch and a horse ignore, provoke and speak to each other – and share the stage. She listens and recounts her doubts and her anger, convinced that humans and animals can live in mutual trust. It is not a dialogue but two monologues: that of the woman and then the final monologue of the horse. (s. picture above)

Christophe Meierhans, Trials of Money, 1 Dec in Kortrijk (EN)
What is responsible for the disastrous state of the world? What if it was money? Can we declare it to be the guilty cause of misery in our world? Meierhans transforms the theatre into a symbolical court. Ten witnesses, among them a psychologist, an ex-banker and a homeless person come forward in the performance. But how do you judge a system you are part of yourself?

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Christophe Meierhans_Trials of Money_©Tine Declerck
Christophe Meierhans_Trials of Money_©Tine Declerck