OFFSHORE in Berlin

The Theaterdiscounter in Berlin presents a two-week festival of lively, up-to-date and multilingual Swiss theatre productions: OFFSHORE.

The language border in Switzerland, the so-called «Röstigraben», can be an obstacle to the co-operation between German-, Italian- and French-speaking theatre scenes, despite common interests and themes. Not so at Theaterdiscounter though: The festival favours exchanges and unpredictable connections.
Offshore, in Berlin, exceptional young artists from Switzerland introduce themselves. Theatre productions such as Émilie Charriot’s version of «King Kong Théorie», which was highly acclaimed at the Avignon Festival Off, are accompanied by literary and performative actions. Spoken-word artist Nora Gomringer will recite a book of photographs and poetry, Swiss Literature Award winner Jens Nielsen performs on Swissness within Switzerland, and Laura de Weck declares her love for direct democracy in a musical lecture.
The showcase presents a spectrum of different formats and aesthetics. An unvarnished view of today’s society as in «Ein Kind für Alle» by Papst/Vuilleumier/Staub encounters a surprising adoption of mysticism and tradition as in «Itmar» by Géraldine Chollet or in «Urbit & Orbit» by Denise Wintsch.

Beitrag von Radio SRF 2 über Offshore:

15/16 November: «Itmar» / «Holes & Hills» by Géraldine Chollet and Julia Perazzini
15 November: Nora Gomringer
17-19 November: «King Kong Théorie» by Compagnie Émilie Charriot
20 November: «Mamaia» by Stückbox Basel + panel discussion
22/23 November: «Urbit & Orbit» by Denise Wintsch
24-26 November: «Ein Kind für alle» by Papst/Vuilleumier/Staub
24 November: «direkt demokratisch love» by Laura de Weck
25 November: «das ganze aber kürzer» by Jens Nielsen

Festival Offshore