Online Projects in the Performing Arts

Swiss artists invite you into the digital world and enable new experiences of listening, watching, and interacting with performing arts.

Gilles Jobin «Dance Trail»
Dancing as an avatar, dancing with avatars – as a giant on the streets or as Tom Thumb on the palm of someone’s hand – Gilles Jobin’s app «Dance Trail» offers experiences in an expanded reality. The Swiss dancer and choreographer, winner of international awards for earlier virtual reality productions, created «Dance Trail» for the Sundance 2020 film festival. The production is available from App store free of charge.

Yan Duyvendak «#VIRUS»
The online extension of the original version of «VIRUS» is an interactive game in form of a crisis management during the pandemic. Players are alternately in charge of the economy, government communication, health, research, or security. They have employees and flows of people to manage. They have food stocks to distribute and the search for a vaccine to finance. Will the various decisions be made together to help contain the pandemic? More information about the project:

Simon Senn «Be Arielle F»
In this digital conference, Simon Senn demonstrates how the virtual world and the real world are not always in opposition, revealing the unexpected entanglements between technology, representation, gender, and law. New online version (live stream) based on the show from 2019, available with subtitles in several languages. More information about the project:

Mats Staub «Death & Birth in my life»
The project invites the audience to listen on a series of intimate conversations about the most moving and challenging experiences in life. This latest long-term project by Mats Staub asks about existential experiences. It approaches universal themes through individual experiences and in relation to local contexts. New online version based on the video installation since 2019, with subtitles in different languages. For more information:

Vorschlag : Hammer «Twin Speaks – The telegram crimes / The Messenger»
The interactive theatre-session is adapting a crime story à la Twin Peaks. Action takes place via the messenger Telegram containing pre-recorded and live-videos, interactive participation of the audience, chats, googlemap tracing and other features. Interactive online version based on the show «Twin Speaks» from 2020. More information: vorschlag : hammer

Cie Viande Hachée des Grisons / Laetitia Dosch «Les arbres vous parlent»
Laetitia Dosch, who has been working for some time on the vegetal world, brings together a team of five artists and scientists, within the framework of Imaginings of Possible Futures, to espouse the voice of trees. Play at the crossroads of science and theatre taking place on Zoom. More information:

Antje Schupp & Gregor Brändli «Revue 2020»
The «Revue 2020» reflects on the link and contrasts between the 1920’s and the year 2020 in an artistic experiment mixing film, musical theater, choir piece, and drama. A filmic essay in 7 chapters realized in the frame of the Zurich Festspiele 2020 and coproduced by Opernhaus Zurich and Schauspielhaus Zurich. German language with English subtitles. More information about the project and all videos: