Out now: Sélection suisse en Avignon 2018

This is the third successive year in which the Festival d’Avignon OFF is featuring a «Sélection suisse». The 2018 programme has now been published.

Sélection suisse en Avignon 2018 will present the following productions between 6 and 24 July 2018:

• «Quitter la terre» by Cie SNAUT/Joël Maillard (theatrical performance)
• «Knusa / Insert coins» by Cie Greffe/Cindy Van Acker and Christian Lutz (dance)
• «Hocus Pocus» by Cie Philippe Saire (young audience)
• «These are my principles… If you don’t like them I have others» by Phil Hayes (performance)

In addition, there will be a lecture by Latifa Djerbi organized together with SACD, along with «Sujets à Vif» by Pierre Mifsud and Thierry Balasse which will be presented in collaboration with Festival d’Avignon. The Collection Lambert in association with Grand Arles Express will host a photographic exhibition by Christian Lutz.

Every year nearly three thousand directors and programmers of theatres and festivals from around the world come to the Avignon Festival on the lookout for new additions to their programmes. Thanks to the Sélection suisse, Swiss artists and performers will benefit from a personalised accompaniment that will generate contacts and tours within the framework of France’s cultural network. In the last years, numerous doors opened up to the artists and performers of the first two Sélections and they received many invitations to perform abroad.
Sélection suisse en Avignon is a joint project of Pro Helvetia and Corodis – The Commission for the diffusion of cultural events in French speaking Switzerland.