Sélection suisse en Avignon 2019

The fourth «Sélection suisse en Avignon (SCH)» – the Swiss selection for the Festival OFF in Avignon – has been published.

Every year nearly three thousand directors and programmers of theatres and festivals from around the world come to the Avignon Festival on the lookout for new additions for their programmes. Thanks to the «Sélection suisse», Swiss artists and performers will benefit from a personalised accompaniment that will generate contacts and tours within the framework of France’s cultural network. The «Sélection suisse en Avignon (SCH)» is a joint project of Corodis (The Commission for the diffusion of cultural events in French speaking Switzerland) and of Pro Helvetia.

The SCH artistic management has selected the following projects for 2019:

«L’Oiseau migrateur» by Dorian Rossel / Cie STT (theatre for young audience)
9 to 23 July, 14:10h (not on 14 and 21 July) at Festival Théâtr’enfants

«Nirvana» by Delgado Fuchs
10 to 20 July, 16:50h (not on 15 July) at Collection Lambert / with Les Hivernales-CDCN d’Avignon

«EF_Femininity» by Marcel Schwald & Chris Leuenberger
10 to 20 July, 21:15h (not on 15 July) at Les Hivernales-CDCN d’Avignon

«Here & Now» by Trân Tran
11 and 18 July, 15:30h and 21:30h at Théâtre du Train Bleu

This year, the SCH is also participating in the Festival d’Avignon (IN) programme with:

«Phèdre!» by François Gremaud / 2b Company (theatre)
11 to 21 July, 11:30h (not on 16 July) at Collection Lambert / with Festival d’Avignon

«Au revoir», text by Antoine Jaccoud
read by French actor Mathieu Amalric (reading),
presented together with the Centre culturel suisse de Paris as part of Fictions, a programme of France Culture and the Festival d’Avignon
13 July, 22:30h at the courtyard of Musée Calvet

In addition, the Séléction presents:

  • during the opening event: «Helen W.» by Aurore Jecker (theatre)
    10 July, 12:00h at 11 Gilgamesh Belleville
  • at part of Les Intrépides, a programme of the SACD (Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques):
    Antoinette Rychner (reading),
    13 July, 15:00h at Conservatoire du Grand Avignon
  • in collaboration with the Collection Lambert:
    «Various Days » by the collective A Normal Working Day / Delgado Fuchs & Zimoun (installation)
    30 June to 22 September at Collection Lambert

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