Paradise in India

Yan Duyvendak and Omar Ghayatt, artists from Switzerland and Egypt respectively, originally called their project «Made in Paradise». A few years later and having developed it further, they have come to the conclusion that they are «Still in Paradise», which they will now present in India.

«Paradise» can mean a heaven on earth with high income and profits as promised by unbridled capitalism. It can also mean an afterlife sweetened by a bevy of virgins as promised by Islamic fundamentalism. The gulf between these two exploded into view on 9/11, leading to a «clash of civilizations». The Arab world as a whole has become suspect and for many westerners, neo-liberal values are the only guarantee of a functioning society.
In order to share the multifaceted reality of Islam and the perceptions of it, Yan Duyvendak and Omar Ghayatt have chosen a fragment form for their performance. They briefly introduce a series of scenes touching on their encounter, their doubts and their differences. The spectators then choose which scenes are to be played out in full. So, in effect, each performance is different.

Having performed in several European venues, the show is now being presented in India.
Dates and venues of «Still in Paradise» in India:
27 & 28 January 2018 : International Theatre Festival of Kerala
31 January 2018 : Oddbird Theatre