Politics in Independent Theatre

The festival «Politik in freien Theater» («Politics in Independent Theatre») offers an overview of current theatre aesthetics and reflects the state of politics and society. The 10th edition will take place in Munich from 1 to 11 November 2018.

The theme of the upcoming festival, which is organized every three years by the Federal Agency for Civic Education in Germany, is «Rich». It addresses economic, cultural and social inequality, both locally and globally. After extensive research trips throughout Europe, the festival jury has selected 14 German-language and international productions that deal with the subject in a provocative, sensual and form-breaking manner. An accompanying programme with films, discussions, workshops and other events will complement the shows.
In addition to established independent theatre companies, such as She She Pop, Gob Squad and the German-Swiss collective Rimini Protokoll, other well-known artists and promising newcomers will be presented, including four from Switzerland:

Thom Truong: «Enjoy Racism», 3 – 5 November 
The directing duo Thom Truong invites the audience to join a performative experiment, where the colour of one’s skin is insignificant, but people are discriminated against by the colour of their eyes. Divided into two groups, the audience experiences the performances from very different perspectives. A pleasure for the privileged, which can only be enjoyed at the price of discrimination against others. «Enjoy Racism» is living proof that each of us can exhibit racist behaviour either consciously or unconsciously.

Corinne Maier: «The End of the World As We Know It», 9 – 10 November

A critical examination of the life and work of the Swiss cultural historian Jacob Burckhardt, which leads to a reflection on the making of theatre itself. With humor, sharpness and witty language, the performers debate issues ranging from gender to antisemitism as well as the systemic differences between fringe theatre and mainstream theatre. The conversation takes on increasingly absurd forms and demonstrates cultural industry’s helplessness when faced with the complexities of today’s world.

Jessica Huber & James Leadbitter: «Tender Provocations of Hope and Fear», 2 – 3 November

Wars, climate change, the rise of nationalism – it isn’t easy nowadays to look to the future without fear. J & J try to counter these fears with a culture of hope, in an intimate evening of lectures, theatre, cabaret and concerts. International and local artists, varying from venue to venue, present small stage works in which they deal with fears and hopes in a very personal way

Annalyzer/Covic/de Rooij/Jina/Mdluli/Schupp: «Pink Mon€y», 8 – 9 November

Created by a South African-Swiss-German-Dutch team, the performance party «Pink Mon€y» is queer, loud and joyful. Club culture, fashion and dance meet hard facts which demonstrate the economic importance of the eponymous currency. The purchasing power of the LGBTI community is now appreciated by tourism and event providers. But the business of Pink Money takes place against a background of a global phenomenon of violence against people who love and live differently.

Full programme: politikimfreientheater.de