Circulate Freely at Programme Commun

The fourth edition of the joint programme in Lausanne’s renowned venues takes place from 14 to 25 March, making this an invitation to circulate freely between different spaces and artistic fields and to discover the originality of the Swiss performing arts scene.

Designed by Théâtre de Vidy and Arsenic with the participation of La Manufacture and Les Printemps de Sévelin, this year’s Programme Commun will take place from 14 to 25 March in Lausanne. A meeting place for both professionals and the public, this year’s event features 10 Swiss productions. A unique opportunity to discover the performing arts scene, including five professional courses that will take place during the two weekends of the event. In addition, two artists’ brunches will be held on Saturday, 17 and 24 March at Arsenic.
Programme Commun presents an exciting range of Swiss productions:

Mathieu Bertholet, «Luxe, Calme», 15-18 March, Théâtre de Vidy
Just like the Romantics of yesteryear, those who seek to die by assisted suicide in Switzerland will find comfortable rooms in palaces with views on breath-taking landscapes whose serene and sublime quality heralds death.
(s. picture above)

Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll), «Cargo Congo-Lausanne», 14-16, 20-23 March, Théâtre de Vidy
Rimini Protokoll has transformed a truck into a theatre. The seating installed in the trailer takes 50 spectators on a journey to the city’s edge. As the drivers tell their stories, the city resembles a film set on a road trip from the Congo to Lausanne.

Christophe Jaquet/Thomas Burkhalter, «Clash of Gods», 14-18 March, Arsenic

This performance combines theatre, dance, DJ-set and audio-visual media collage and leads straight into the battle for definitions of our world. Two gods clash in this battle, no moral rules can stop them. Welcome to the theatre of our time.

Marie-Caroline Hominal/Markus Öhrn, «Hominal/Öhrn», 14-18 and 22-25 March, Théâtre de Vidy
Marie-Caroline Hominal submits of her own free will to the authority of the director Markus Öhrn. Hominal becomes Öhrn by the decision of the one and the gothic power of the other.


Pamina de Coulon, «Fire of Emotions: The Abyss», 15-18 March, Arsenic
In this dramatic monologue, Pamina de Coulon engages in the art of infinite speech. Seated on the rock of fortune, she takes the audience with her onto the waves animated by her reflections on the abyss.

Mats Staub, «21», 14-18 and 22-25 March, Théâtre de Vidy

The installation «21» ist a touching filmed archive of 20th century individual memory, made possible through shared encounters. Mats Staub’s projects, «Holidays» and «My Other Life» will also be presented in Vidy’s Kantina.

Tabea Martin, «This is My Last Dance», 15-16 March, Théâtre Sévelin 36

Inspired by Samuel Beckett’s one-act-play Endgame, Tabea Martin and Simona Bertozzi have developed a duet which explores our relationship with mortality. Before the two women have even started dancing, the end is already present.

François Gremaud/Victor Lenoble, «Partition(s)», 20-25 March, Arsenic

Prompted by a research project, two artists digress on the notion of «partition». Between poetry, rigour, conifers and whistle blasts, their performance lecture brings into play the winding paths taken by artistic thought.

François Gremaud / Victor Lenoble_partition(s)
François Gremaud / Victor Lenoble_partition(s)

Lucinda Childs/Ruth Childs, «Particular Reel»,«Katema», «Calico Mingling», «Reclining Rondo», 22-25 March, Arsenic
Orally transmitted by Lucinda Childs, the legend of postmodern dance, to her niece Ruth Childs, these four pieces present a snapshot of the 70s and reactivate the radical nature of the post-modern gesture.

Simone Aughterlony/Jen Rosenblit, «Everything Fits in the Room», 22-25 March, Circuit

In a performance that looks like a construction site, the artists dissect the current forms of feminist politics and their utopias, offering to the audience the experience of a completely inclusive space.