Summer’s End in Italy

Under the name of Finestate (Summer’s End), three Italian festivals, which take place in late summer, have joined together in a network: Rome Short Theatre, Terni Festival and Prato Contemporanea.

This year the Festival Contemporanea in Prato spotlights Swiss performing arts, presenting dance and theatre from different regions:
Alexandra Bachzetsis’ «From A to B via C» proposes a set with three trajectories : from one body to another; between language and the moving body; and towards a new space for performance. On 24 September in Teatro Metastasio.
The performance «La conquête de l’inutile» by Compagnie L’Alakran is about enthusiasm, specifically making superhuman efforts which obtain tiny results. On 22 September in Spazio K.
Yasmine Hugonnet’s «Se Sentir Vivant» is a woman’s discourse, with a continuity in performance, but not tied to a text. The flow of discourse moves from gesture to ventriloquial speech, facial expression, breathing, posture, a sound, a song, a question. On 26 September in Teatro Metastasio.
«Empire» by IIPM / Milo Rau is the third and final part of IIPM’s European trilogy, a complex work about individual biographies, theatre and the history of Europe, personified by four exceptional actors.

Also part of the Finestate network, but in a different festival, are the performances of Stefan Kaegi’s project «Nachlass – pièces sans personnes». It will be shown at Rome Short Theatre Festival from 13 – 17 September.

Festival Contemporanea Prato
Short Theatre Festival Rome