Swiss Autumn in Russia

An exciting autumn with Swiss dance and theatre events lies ahead in Moscow, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Kostroma and St. Petersburg.

Between September and November various Swiss directors, artists and dance companies will presents their shows, hold workshops and give lectures in different locations, from Moscow to Ekaterinburg. Activities will include documentary theatre, inclusive dance, site-specific experiments involving amateur dancers, a theatre installation, a choreographed intervention in a contemporary art museum, large festivals and small workshops.

Joszef Trefeli_Jinx103_©Gregory Batardon
Joszef Trefeli_Jinx103_©Gregory Batardon

Boris Nikitin, 3 – 5 September, workshops and lectures at Liubimovka Festival of Contemporary Drama, Boris Yukhananov Studio of Individual Directing and Electrotheatre Stanislavsky in Moscow
Director and playwright Boris Nikitin has worked in documentary theatre for many years and invented «It’s The Real Thing» in Basel, a festival for documentary performing arts. In Russia, Nikitin has presented his works at the NET and Access Point festivals.

Cie BewegGrund, 8 – 13 September, workshops at ZIL Cultural Center in Moscow and Ugol Creative Laboratory in Kazan
The inclusive dance association Cie BewegGrund will conduct workshops in Moscow and Kazan for choreographers, performers, and instructors who work with people with disabilities.

Cie Jόzsef Trefeli, 29 September – 5 October in Ekaterinburg, Moscow, Kostroma.
Jόzsef Trefeli and his company use choreography to depict peoples’ daily lives. At the International Festival of Contemporary Dance Duos, the company will perform «Jinx 103», which mixes ritual movement and contemporary dance, and «Creature», a performance that deconstructs folk dance.
29 – 30 September: «Jinx 103» and workshop at the Yeltsin Center in Ekaterinburg
2 October: «Jinx 103» at ZIL Cultural Center in Moscow
5 October: «Creature» at Diversia International Festival of Modern Dance Duos in Kostroma, Stantsia Art Venue

Nicole Seiler_Living-room dancers_©Arya Dil
Nicole Seiler_Living-room dancers_©Arya Dil

Compagnie Nicole Seiler, 18 – 22 October in Moscow
As part of the Territory Festival, Cie Nicole Seiler presents «Living-room dancers», a unique performance walk around Moscow. Moving along a specific route, the audience watches local amateur dancers through the windows of their own apartments. In addition, The New Space Theatre will screen cinematic portraits of the dancers.
18 – 21 October: «Living-room dancers» at the New Space Theatre of Nations in Moscow
22 October: lectures and meetings at Electrotheatre Stanislavsky in Moscow

Asphalt Piloten, 23 October – 4 November in Moscow
Asphalt Piloten will create the site-specific performance «Fragmented» to mark the tenth anniversary of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, a former Soviet restaurant that was transformed into a museum by Rem Koolhaas. Five dancers will present a performative intervention of the museum space through dance.
23 October – 4 November: «Fragmented» at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow

Trickster_p, 3 – 5 November in St. Petersburg
The Ticinese company Trickster_p shows its theatre installation «.h.g.»: a revision of the classic fairy tale of Hänsel and Gretel, in the shape of an installation in nine rooms, where theatre and visual arts merge.
3 – 5 November: «h.g.» at BTK Fest in St. Petersburg

Cie Greffe, 8 – 9 November in St. Petersburg
Geneva based dancer and choreographer Cindy van Acker and her company Cie Greffe will perform «PPSix», an extract of their piece «Diffraction», together with Russian colleagues. The performance employs minimalist movement and is based on the six dancers working closely together.
8 – 9 November: «PPSix» at Skorokhod Space in St. Petersburg

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