Swiss Dance Awards 2019

On 17 October, the Swiss Dance Awards 2019 will be presented at Théâtre Equilibre Fribourg in the presence of Federal Councillor Alain Berset.

The Swiss Grand Award for Dance, presented by the Federal Office of Culture, honours an artist whose career has played a central role in establishing the reputation of Swiss dance both nationally and abroad.

The Grand Award for Dance 2019 goes to La Ribot.
La Ribot was born in Spain in 1962 and has lived in Geneva since 2004. Her hybrid works combine elements of performance art, video and live installation. Since the 1990’s, La Ribot has been touring her work across the globe and has cooperated with numerous international partners. In 2017, the Tanz im August festival devoted a retrospective to La Ribot, as does the Festival d’automne, currently taking place in Paris, with a few events still running until November.

Additional Swiss Dance Awards 2019 go to:

  • Compagnie Linga & Keda: «Flow», Award for Current Dance Works
  • Teresa Vittucci: «Hate me, tender», Award for Current Dance Works
  • Compagnie Greffe / Cindy Van Acker: «Speechless Voices», Award for Current Dance Works
  • Company Mafalda / Teresa Rotemberg: «Vicky setzt Segel», Award for Current Dance Works
  • Marie-Caroline Hominal, Award for Outstanding Female Dancer
  • Edouard Hue, Award for Outstanding Male Dancer
  • Dominique Martinoli, Special Dance Award
  • Unplush / Marion Zurbach, June Johnson Dance Prize

The Special Dance Award recognises an outstanding contribution to dance in areas such as mediation, documentation and cultural policy. One outstanding male and one outstanding female dancer are also honoured every two years. Together with the Grand Award for Dance, these prizes are awarded on the direct recommendation of the Federal Dance Jury. The award winners for current dance works are chosen in the Swiss Dance Competition from among the works submitted over the two last seasons. The biennial June Johnson Dance Prize, which is organised in association with the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, is also an open competition. It is aimed at young, up-and-coming artists.
More information: Swiss Dance Awards

Congratulations to all laureates!

Swiss Dance Awards 2019 ©Adrian Moser_BAK_OFC_UFC_FOC
Swiss Dance Awards 2019 ©Adrian Moser_BAK_OFC_UFC_FOC