Swiss Specials in Russia

In October and November, there will be a rich bouquet of Swiss performing arts on offer in Russia, including works by IIPM / Milo Rau, Alias Compagnie, Cie Philippe Saire, Corsin Gaudenz and others.

In the upcoming weeks, Swiss performers will be all over Russia. So why not take a trip from St. Petersburg via Kostroma and Moscow to Voronezh and back, to see the following events?

Die Zimmerwäldler & Theater Pokoleniy: «A City Hunts a Murderer»
4 to 6 October, Theatre of Generations, St. Petersburg
Based on Fritz Lang’s classic 1931 film «M», the play was written by Swiss-based authors Mikhail Shishkin and Matto Kämpf, directed by Eberhard Köhler and staged by an international team from Switzerland, Russia and Germany.

Cie Philippe Saire: «Vacuum»
6 October, International Festival of Contemporary Dance Duets Diversia, Kostroma
10 to 12 October, Territory Festival, Moscow
In this performance, dance meets the visual arts, generating incredible images and fantastic paintings, an interplay of bodies appearing and disappearing between black holes and dazzling lights.

IIPM / Milo Rau: «Five Easy Pieces»
14 & 15 October, Territory Festival, Moscow
This performance is an intriguing reflection on evil and human feeling, combined with a study of theatre and reality. The play analyses the case of the paedophile serial killer Marc Dutroux – and is acted by an astonishing cast of children. A confrontational and profound experience.

Alias Compagnie: «Sideways rain»
14 & 15 October, Territory Festival, Moscow
Characters walking, running, falling, getting up, stopping and starting again as if on the tracks of a Darwinian cycle that repeats itself infinitely and inevitably. They are escorted by the light: bodies emerge from the shadows, are then thrown into a bright light and vanish in a twilight atmosphere.

Corsin Gaudenz, «Children’s Jury»
26 October to 3 November, Theatre Festival for Children Marshak, Voronezh
For the first time in this festival, children aged 8–12 will discuss and decide which plays to award from the programme, and will also compose an awards ceremony themselves. Swiss director Corsin Gaudenz will curate this project.

Forum-Festival Special View
28 to 31 October, Moscow
Special View is the first Russian festival dedicated to social and inclusive performing arts. Drama teacher Jürg Koch and performer Cornelia Jungo from the Swiss inclusive dance company BewegGrund will run a workshop at Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

IIPM / Milo Rau: «The Repetition. Histoire(s) du théâtre»
22 & 23 November, NET Festival (New European Theatre), St. Petersburg
In presenting the true story of a shockingly violent murder, Milo Rau searches for the origins of a modern tragedy. How do we present violence? What are emotion, truth and artistic engagement? This intense performance exploits reality as a source of true catharsis.

For further information see the website of Pro Helvetia Moscow.