Swiss Theatre Awards 2019

The Swiss Theatre Awards 2019 have been announced by the Federal Office of Culture.

This year, the Grand Prix Theater / Hans-Reinhart-Ring goes to the Geneva-based artist Yan Duyvendak for his commitment to works which know no boundaries and for his nomadic exploration of varying forms of artistic expression. Yan Duyvendak has produced countless works in every conceivable genre and style using the media of performance, music, installation, photo and video, depending on the theme. In his recent works, he has deliberately played with dramaturgic possibilties to cross the space between stage and audience.

Five more theatre prizes have been awarded to the following artists:

  • the director Thom Luz, who has created his own unique style as a director, musician and stage designer, summoning spirits through sound
  • the actor and director François Gremaud and his 2b company, for their witty and playful theatre
  • the stage designer and theatre artist Dominic Huber, for his innovative work in creating spaces and developing spacial worlds
  • the actress Bettina Stucky, as an all-round performer who is versatile but always grounded and entirely present on stage
  • Vania Luraschi, a theatre pioneer in Ticino who has always seen theatre as the consummate expression of commitment

The award ceremony will take place on 24 May at the Théâtre du Crochetan in Monthey in the presence of Federal Councillor Alain Berset, as part of the Swiss Theatre Encounter.

The Schweizer Kleinkunstpreis 2019 has been awarded to the duo Knuth and Tucek. Their shows fall somewhere between cabaret and «Heimatfilm», blending spirited vocal numbers with the sounds of folk music along with grotesque everyday stories and political satire.

Congratulations to all laureates!